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How Does Parole Work in Texas?

Whether it’s yourself or someone else you know who’s approaching their parole eligibility date, it can be exciting to think about being granted a parole release on the first go.

Although it’s true that potential parolees often have a tough time getting parole the first time they apply, nothing is set in stone. With the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you can increase your chances of making parole the first time you try.

Read on to learn more about how parole works in Texas, and call the criminal defense lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. for help.

Understanding Texas Parole

By definition, parole refers to the possibility of an early release from prison. More specifically, parole involves the release of an offender before the total amount of their prison sentence has been served.

No prisoner in a Texas prison is automatically entitled to parole. In order to qualify, you must apply and have your application scrutinized by the voters of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

There are numerous factors that go into the decision to grant parole. For that reason, there’s no one catch-all solution; every parole application must be supported by the facts of your offense, your prison conduct, and your post-incarceration plans.

It’s also often the case that an offender’s sentence isn’t appropriate in light of these facts. By engaging an experienced parole attorney, you can give yourself the best chance of presenting yourself and your case in a positive light.

Some of the factors that the parole board will consider when looking at your parole application include:

Learn more to help yourself prepare the best parole application possible in light of the unique facts and circumstances of your case by reaching out to an experienced parole lawyer.

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