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If your child has been accused of a criminal offense in Dallas, you’ll need help protecting their future. Fight for a dismissal of your child’s charges with a juvenile defense lawyer’s help.

Getting a call that your child has been arrested can be frightening and upsetting. Your child could be in serious trouble, and the consequences may haunt them if they face a conviction. You’ll need to focus on protecting your child and getting those charges dropped, if possible.

That can be tough alone, so you’ll need to seek out a lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C.. Your Dallas juvenile defense lawyer can help you determine the best options for your family to reduce or dismiss the charges.

What Happens after Your Child’s Arrest

Understanding the juvenile justice process is key to helping your child get their charges dropped. Because of that, you’ll need to understand the types of violations common for children to face and what will happen after your child is arrested.

First, note that you may only receive a warning for their actions. Some minor offenses may only warrant a warning, though this warning can become more serious if concerned Dallas residents contact law enforcement again about your child.

If your child commits a criminal offense, or if the officer has probable cause that your child broke the law, your child may be detained in a juvenile processing office. Their detainment may last up to six hours, after which they may be released to you.

Once your child has been detained, it’s important to contact a Dallas lawyer right away. They’ll help you regain custody of your child as soon as possible before preparing for further action.

Common Penalties in Juvenile Cases

You’re concerned about your child’s future, which means you’ll want to understand the penalties for offenses for minors. Understanding how your kid can be tried and what your options are can help you fight back.

The penalties your child may face often depend on their age and the severity of the crime. For example, if your child is nearly an adult, they may be tried as such. A serious offense could leave them dealing with misdemeanor or even felony charges.

In many cases, your child may be eligible for the first-offender program, which focuses on rehabilitation, not punishment. Your child’s case will be closed, leaving them without a record once they complete the program, which may include the following:

  • Community service
  • Counseling
  • Vocational training

Seek a Dallas Attorney for Juvenile Defense

When your child is arrested, you’ll need to seek answers about their case as soon as possible. You need to know what punishments they could face and what you can do about their charges.

One of your first steps should be seeking out a lawyer, like the attorneys at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C.. We understand how important your child’s future is, and we can help you protect that future by defending them in the courtroom.

If you’re concerned about your child’s case, defend them with the help of a Dallas juvenile defense lawyer. To begin, call us at 214-665-6930 or fill out the following online form.


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