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Don’t make the mistake of failing to take a DWI charge seriously. Partner with a Plano drunk driving attorney from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. who will help build the best defense possible for your case.

It’s possible to get a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge under a variety of circumstances, and these charges aren’t as clear-cut as they may seem. Some say if you’re over the legal limit that’s the only time you can be charged with a DWI, but that’s not true. You can receive a DWI in Plano if an officer thinks you’re driving intoxicated, even if you aren’t.

No matter what caused you to be charged with driving while intoxicated, you should be careful what you say to the police. What you say can be used against you later, so it’s important to contact a Plano DWI lawyer as soon as possible following an arrest. Your lawyer will look into your case and defend you against conviction.

How a Plano DWI Could Impact Your Life

Being charged with a DWI is a serious matter, and you should be prepared to fight the charge. If you are convicted of a drunk driving offense, it will impact the rest of your life. A DWI can severely limit your employment prospects; you could lose your license; you could struggle financially because of fines and employment limitations.

In addition to the above consequences, you could also suffer many legal penalties following a conviction. Even a first-time DWI conviction can result in the loss of your driver’s license, possible jail time, a hefty fine, and more. However, you won’t suffer any of these legal ramifications if you aren’t convicted.

Below, here are a few more negative effects of a DWI conviction, which your Plano drunk driving lawyer hopes to help you avoid.

  • You could be fired from your job or miss out on valuable employment opportunities in the future owing to your DWI conviction.
  • Your finances will suffer today and your future financial stability will suffer tomorrow.
  • Your family will be impacted by your conviction, and a DWI could cause resentment and possible loss of valuable relationships.
  • You could be denied housing and access to other government programs.

How Can a Plano Intoxicated Driving Lawyer Help You?

Your Plano intoxicated driving attorney can help you in a variety of ways. For starters, your lawyer can immediately advise you on your case, keeping you from ruining your chances of avoiding a conviction accidentally.

Next, your attorney can represent you during hearings. Also, they will examine your case and find the holes that could lead to a dismissal. Finally, your attorney will go over every detail of your drunk driving case to find the best defense available for you.

Here are a few defenses that your lawyer might be able to use to get your Plano DWI case dismissed or reduced.

  • Innocence
  • Police procedural errors
  • Field sobriety test issues
  • Laboratory errors
  • Not enough evidence to convict

Get Ahold of a Drunk Driving Attorney in Plano, Texas

Being arrested for a DWI offense is scary, but conviction is scarier. Don’t give in and sign a plea agreement without at least talking to a Plano DWI lawyer about your case. Call Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. at 214-665-6930 to talk with a lawyer today. You can also fill out the online form below to reach our office.


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