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DWI Defense Strategies: Navigating Challenges with an Irving DWI Lawyer

Drunk driving is a serious crime that comes with severe consequences. An Irving DWI attorney could be able to help you fight your charge and escape the negative ramifications that come with a criminal conviction.

Everyone knows that intoxicated driving is dangerous, but not everyone accused of a DWI was actually driving while intoxicated. Some people are charged with this crime but weren’t drunk at the time that they were driving. Others are charged with DWIs when they didn’t drink and drive at all.

When you’ve been charged with drunk driving, you are likely fearful of what will happen to you if you’re convicted. There are many legal consequences of a conviction, and there are many negative life consequences, as well.

You deserve a fair defense when you’ve been charged with an alcohol-related crime, and an Irving DWI lawyer at our firm is here to provide that for you.

Consequences You’ll Face if Convicted of a DWI in Irving

Many people underestimate the serious nature of a DWI charge. They believe that the penalties are minimal and the life consequences are limited. Unfortunately, these people are often wrong.

Legal penalties for a DWI range in severity, from short jail terms and small fines to lengthy prison terms and large fines. You could also be ordered to complete probation, substance abuse treatment, and community service.

In addition to legal punishments, you could face many other consequences of a DWI conviction in Irving, TX. You could be dealing with job loss, financial struggles, embarrassment, and an inability to qualify for housing or government programs. Yes, a DWI conviction can greatly affect your life, but an Irving drunk driving attorney may be able to help improve your situation.

How to Beat an Irving DWI Charge

No one can guarantee that by fighting your charge you will not be convicted. However, you could increase your chances of receiving a more favorable outcome for your case by examining all of your options and talking with an Irving drunk driving lawyer. Your lawyer might be able to show you defenses you haven’t even considered or didn’t know were available to you.

For instance, the police might have violated your rights, which could lead to a dismissal of your case. Without talking to a lawyer, you would probably not know that outcome was possible.

Some other defenses against conviction of a DWI include the following:

  • Laboratory errors
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Faulty field sobriety testing
  • Innocence
  • Mistake of fact
  • Mistaken identity
  • Not enough evidence to convict

Reach Out to a DWI Attorney in Irving, Texas

Everyone is entitled to a fair defense no matter the situation. You might believe that your only option is to plead guilty to the charge against you, but that might not be your only option. When you talk to a lawyer, they can advise you of the possible defenses available in your situation.

An Irving DWI lawyer at our firm will protect your rights and work to see that you receive a more favorable outcome. To reach Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., dial 214-665-6930 or fill out the secure online form on this web page.


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