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How a Felony Conviction Can Change Your Life

Dec 17, 2020

No one expects to be charged with a crime until they’re in handcuffs or sitting in jail. If you’ve been arrested on felony charges, it’s no exaggeration to say that actions you take to defend yourself now can impact the course of your life.  The consequences of a felony conviction are permanent and devastating. Having...

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What Happens When You Are Charged with a Federal Crime?

Nov 24, 2020

Criminal actions are illegal in both state and federal jurisdictions. Sometimes, when you commit a crime over state lines, in federal jurisdiction, or are investigated by a federal agency, you can be charged with a federal crime instead of a state crime.   Federal crimes are known to be more severe than their state equivalents. They...

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Is White Collar Crime a Felony?

Oct 16, 2020

Not every crime involves violence, but some can be just as traumatic and devastating. White collar crimes, for example, can leave ordinary people on the brink of bankruptcy and financial ruin, suffering physically and emotionally from their ordeal. White collar crimes are called this because those who commit these financially driven crimes typically work in...

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Federal Crime vs. Felony: What to Expect

Sep 22, 2020

Being charged with a crime can have serious implications for your future. Understanding the difference between a federal crime and a felony, as well as what to expect in either case, is essential if you’ve been accused of a crime.  What Is a Federal Crime? Federal crimes are crimes that are committed in a federal...

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What Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do for Me?

Jul 31, 2020

A criminal defense conviction can set off a number of negative impacts in your life. Beyond having to face potential jail time, fines, or probation, a criminal conviction on your record will have lasting consequences on your personal and professional life.  No matter the charges you’re facing, it’s important to understand that you’re entitled to...

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