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Dallas Arrest Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been arrested for a crime in Dallas? Contact a Dallas arrest attorney from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to learn about your options following an arrest.

Facing a criminal charge is not a pleasant situation to be in. However, a Dallas arrest lawyer from our firm can help. We may be able to assist you in posting bail and getting out of jail, plus we can help you battle against the crime of which you’ve been accused of committing. Your attorney can advise you of your rights and possibly get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Signing a plea agreement is an admission of guilt, and your life will be negatively affected by a conviction. You could lose your job; your family life will be affected; you could be dealing with crippling fines; you could suffer from embarrassment. Don’t let your future be ruined without putting up a fight.

Dealing with a Criminal Arrest in Dallas, TX

No matter what type of crime you’ve been charged with, arrests can lead to turmoil in your life. Just an arrest can have you stuck in jail for days, weeks, or months, and you could lose your job because of it. When you don’t have a Texas criminal arrest attorney to back you up, your chances of getting out of jail on bond decrease dramatically.

Losing your job will have obvious financial effects in your life. In addition, your arrest could cause you tremendous social ostracism. Your family life could even be affected.

A lawyer can help you to deal with your arrest in several important ways, including the following:

  • Get you released from jail
  • Offer you legal advice that can help you to get through this entire criminal court process
  • Investigate your charge and find the errors in the prosecution’s case
  • Fight against your charge

Legal Consequences of a Dallas Criminal Conviction

If you think an arrest is bad, a criminal conviction is far worse. In addition to legal penalties, which will often include jail or prison time, you could be faced with the negative effects of your conviction for life.

You could struggle to secure decent employment; you could be ineligible for certain government programs; your financial stability will surely be impacted. It’s a good idea to reach out to a Dallas criminal arrest lawyer for help after an arrest.

Reach Out to an Arrest Attorney in Dallas, Texas

You shouldn’t have to stay in jail any longer than necessary. A lawyer at our firm can help get you out of jail and help you deal with the stress that follows a criminal arrest. Your lawyer can then put together the best defense possible for whatever criminal charge you’re facing.

Your Dallas arrest lawyer will assist you throughout the entire criminal court process so you won’t have to face this situation alone. You deserve an aggressive defense, and the attorneys at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. are ready to provide you with it. Call 214-665-6930 or fill out and send in the online contact form below.


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