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Denton DWI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a DWI in Denton, don’t make the error of taking the charge lightly. A Denton DWI attorney could help improve your legal situation, but only if you reach out to our firm first.

Alcohol consumption and operating a motor vehicle don’t mix. People need to be 100 percent focused on the road while driving, and alcohol inhibits brain functioning in a variety of ways. Your cognition slows down, reaction time is impacted, and your coordination is negatively affected.

Drunk driving is illegal in Denton, Texas, and those who are caught drinking and driving could receive harsh penalties if convicted. If you’re facing drunk driving charges, you are probably scared of the legal penalties you might endure.

A Denton DWI lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. can assist you in building a defense so you aren’t forced to deal with the consequences of a DWI on your record forever.

Possible Penalties of a DWI in Denton, TX

The penalties for drinking and driving vary and depend on the specifics of your case. If you have prior DWI convictions on your record, your legal penalties will likely be more severe. If you had a minor in the car while you were driving, this could lead to a felony DWI charge. Also, if you injure or kill someone while driving intoxicated in Denton, you could face serious felony charges.

Penalties range but could include jail time, state jail time, prison time, community service, fines, loss of your drivers license, a license retention fee, and possibly an ignition interlock device.

You could also face other negative life consequences, not just legal penalties. A Denton driving while intoxicated lawyer at our office wants to help you avoid some or all of these penalties so they don’t drag you down forever.

How a Denton Drunk Driving Lawyer Could Help

When you partner with a Denton impaired driving attorney at our law firm, you will benefit in several ways.

  • Your lawyer can give you legal advice immediately following an arrest, which could help you from damaging your case.
  • They can attend all Denton court hearings and guide you through the criminal court process.
  • They can examine your Denton DWI case to see what defenses are available.
  • They will represent you in court and work to get your charges dismissed or greatly reduced.

Connect with a DWI Attorney in Denton, Texas

The legal and non-legal consequences associated with a Denton DWI could change your life in many negative ways. Finding the courage to fight a DWI charge isn’t easy, but it might be in your best interests to do so. For now, simply talking to a lawyer about your case is a step in the right direction toward guarding your future.

A Denton DWI lawyer at our firm can look at your case and come up with a plan for defending you in court. They will watch out for your rights and work toward securing a case dismissal or reduction in charges. Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. can be reached at 214-665-6930, or you can fill in the internet contact form below.


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