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How a Felony Conviction Can Change Your Life

December 17, 2020

No one expects to be charged with a crime until they’re in handcuffs or sitting in jail. If you’ve been arrested on felony charges, it’s no exaggeration to say that actions you take to defend yourself now can impact the course of your life. 

The consequences of a felony conviction are permanent and devastating. Having a felony on your criminal record will set you back personally, professionally, and financially. But some of the consequences go beyond incarceration and fines. Find out how a felony conviction can change your life, and then reach out to a Dallas criminal defense lawyer for help building a defense. 

Ways a Felony Conviction Can Change Your Life

A felony conviction is a serious thing. Whether your charges are related to violent crime, drugs, or white collar crime, having to contend with the stain of a criminal conviction on your personal record will complicate your life in numerous ways. 

Some people think of felonies as doing your time or repaying your debt to society. And although this is the stated purpose of the criminal justice system, many former felons find themselves continually set back by their criminal records, long after they’ve been released. 

Here are some of the ways a criminal conviction can change your life. 

  • You Won’t Be Able to Live Where You Want – Although it’s certainly possible for you to find a place to live after a felony conviction, it’s also true that your options become more limited. 

Many apartment complexes run background checks on all applicants and refuse to lease to people with criminal records. If you’re a registered sex offender, your ability to live in entire areas of town, such as those near schools or public parks, will also change. 

  • You Lose the Right to Vote—Temporarily – Unlike some other states in which felons are totally barred from taking part in the voting process, Texas felons are able to re-register to vote once their sentences are completed. However, expect temporary disenfranchisement during your incarceration, parole, or probation.
  • Your Professional Options Become Severely Limited – Some fields, such as education and law enforcement, are non-starters de jure; i.e., you are prohibited from working in them by law. Others, including most white-collar professions, can become de facto unattainable, as hiring managers will be reluctant to hire ex-convicts. 
  • Firearms Restrictions – In Texas, convicted felons are generally prohibited from owning firearms, with some exceptions. For example, if five years have passed since your release from jail, you may be able to resume firearm ownership in Texas. 
  • You Can Damage Your Personal Relationships – The stigma of being convicted of a felony can cause unwanted strains on your marriage, family relationships, and even friendships. 

Contact a Felony Lawyer in Dallas 

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