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McKinney White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crime charges could destroy your life. Talk to a white collar crime lawyer in McKinney about your case. Learn your options for fighting charges.

If you’re being charged with a white collar crime in McKinney, you should take this seriously. Charges of this nature are often conducted at the federal level. You could face serious penalties if convicted of a white collar crime, so getting criminal defense help is extremely important.

The sooner you contact a McKinney white collar crime lawyer at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C., the better chance you have of receiving a successful case outcome. Legal advice could help you make vital decisions about your case. It’s possible you could avoid a conviction or have your charges reduced. Get ahold of a McKinney lawyer today.

Understanding White Collar Crimes in McKinney, TX

White collar crimes are types of crimes that usually involve financial exploitation at a high level of position or trust. For instance, embezzlement is when an employee at a high position of authority within a company or organization misuses funds or steals from their employer.

White collar crimes include insider trading, bank and mortgage fraud, money laundering, healthcare fraud, and more.

When you are faced with a serious crime of this nature, your entire life could be destroyed. If convicted, you could go to jail or prison, be ordered to pay restitution, be stuck with a felony on your record for life, lose your job, and destroy your family. You could struggle to secure a job for the rest of your life, and you may never get a good job.

A white collar crime lawyer can help you face down this charge. They will work to find you the best defense available. They can fight for your freedom and rights.

Possible Defenses Against White Collar Crime Convictions in McKinney

It’s a common belief that once a person is charged with a crime they’re as good as convicted. This is not true. Many people are not convicted of charges they were charged with. The charges could be dropped for a number of reasons.

There may not be enough evidence in your case. Maybe the police violated your rights during your arrest. It’s possible you are innocent and never should have been charged with a crime. Your white collar crime lawyer can help defend you against your charges in McKinney.

Connect with a White Collar Crime Lawyer in McKinney, Texas

Try not to despair if you’ve been charged with a white collar crime in McKinney. Fighting a criminal charge could result in a better case outcome for you. If you give up without a fight, you could lose your future. Fighting alone doesn’t often result in a good outcome.

Get in contact with a McKinney white collar crime lawyer at our firm. We’re ready to help you take on your case. Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. can be reached by dialing 214-665-6930 or using the online contact form below.


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