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What to Expect from the Prosecution When You’ve Been Charged with a Crime

If you are charged with a crime in Dallas, Texas, you will go before a court. A preliminary hearing before a court informs you about the formal charges and your rights. You are also told about your bail options. It is important to consult a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after being charged.

During your criminal case, the prosecution will try to indict you. This is typically the legal counsel representing the district attorney’s office.

The prosecution aims to prove that you are guilty and uses every tactic to that end. You must know these tactics and be prepared for them.

Here is a look at some things you can expect from the prosecution in a criminal offense case in Texas.

Entering a Plea

You must enter your plea against your criminal charge at some point during the case. Typically, you can plead as “guilty,” “not guilty,” or “no contest.” A guilty plea means you won’t fight the accusation. A not guilty plea denotes that you will contest the charge. No contest is something in between.

You can also seek a plea bargain. A plea bargain is when you enter a plea that the prosecution desires in return for certain concessions. For instance, the prosecution may ask you to enter a guilty plea and offer you reduced charges in return. This gives you the benefit of lower penalties and is preferable to the prosecution, as it concludes the case quickly and costs everyone less money.

You must consult your lawyer before entering any plea or making any decision about the plea bargain. Lawyers with sound knowledge of criminal law can help you secure the best deal. In general, you have better chances of securing a favorable plea bargain if you fight the charges and have a solid defense for your case.

On the Witness Stand

As an individual charged with a crime, you may have the opportunity to take the witness stand during the criminal proceedings. However, it’s less common to do because it often is not to your benefit to go up against the prosecution. Exceptions to this would be in cases where there are few witnesses or you are self-representing and telling your story may be your best (or only) option. In these unlikely cases, the prosecution will cross-examine you by asking questions that are tough, piercing, and disconcerting. Their legal counsel will prosecute you to bring out facts and statements that damage your defense.

Your lawyer can advise you on how best to avoid making self-incriminating statements. You can use the right to remain silent for this purpose. You must also be able to avoid tricky questions and be careful in making your responses to the prosecution. It helps to present yourself in a personable manner in front of a jury. The best course of action here, however, is to let your attorney discern if and when taking the stand is a good option for you.

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