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Garland DWI Lawyer

A drunk driving conviction could lead to many negative issues in your life. Work to avoid a conviction or get your charge reduced by partnering with a Garland DWI attorney at our firm.

Sometimes people make mistakes, and though they regret those mistakes, they are forced to live with the consequences forever. It can be unfair to deal with consequences for the rest of your life due to one poor decision. However, that’s what will probably happen to you if you’re convicted of a DWI.

When you have a DWI conviction on your record, you will deal with that for the rest of your life. Long after you’ve served your time and paid the fines, a DWI can continue to haunt you. It could impact your ability to get a good job and cause you to be ineligible for services, loans, or other programs.

Don’t make the mistake of taking a DWI charge lightly. Consider getting help with fighting your charge from a Garland DWI lawyer at our firm.

A Garland DWI Conviction Comes with Serious Penalties

The state of Texas does not take kindly to drunk driving and implemented serious penalties to those convicted of a DWI. However, those who are charged with a DWI but aren’t convicted won’t endure any of these penalties. Remember that being charged with a crime does not mean you’ll be convicted of it.

Many DWI charges are dismissed or reduced every day. The same could happen to you. But not if you sign a plea agreement. Your Garland drunk driving lawyer wants to see you avoid facing legal consequences. Here are the legal penalties that you could receive if you are convicted of a DWI.

  • First DWI – Misdemeanor with up to six months in jail, drivers license suspension, up to $2,000 fine, and additional surcharges to retain your drivers license.
  • Second DWI – Misdemeanor with up to six months in jail, drivers license suspension, up to $4,000 fine, and additional surcharges to retain your drivers license.
  • Third DWI – Felony, with between two and ten years in prison, drivers license suspension, up to $10,000 fine, and additional surcharges.

Other Negative Effects of a Garland DWI

You could also face community service, rehabilitation programs, social alienation, loss of job, and financial struggles, if convicted. A Garland drunk driving attorney can examine your case to find a defense that might get you out of this situation. You want to avoid a conviction, and our firm wants to help.

Team Up with a DWI Attorney in Garland, Texas

The negative effects of a drunk driving conviction could linger for many years to come. Signing a plea agreement without talking to a lawyer first is not always a good idea. It might be tempting because you want to put the whole situation behind you, but once a crime goes on your record, it’s never really behind you. It’s tied to you with an iron cord.

Call a Garland DWI lawyer because your future is worth protecting. Speak with a lawyer about your DWI charge by calling Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. at 214-665-6930. You’re also welcome to send in the online form on this page to reach our firm.


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