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Plano White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crimes are often charged at the federal level, which could mean more serious penalties for you. If you need help facing down a white collar charge in Plano, connect with a Plano white collar crime attorney at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C.

White collar crime encompasses a wide array of criminal activities, such as mail fraud, embezzlement, bank fraud, money laundering, and cybercrime. This type of crime typically involves theft at a high level, and could involve an abuse of power or trust. Charges of this nature are usually serious, and you could go to jail or prison if convicted.

Sometimes, a person can be charged with a white collar crime in Plano by mistake. Errors in accounting or miscommunication could lead to being charged with a white collar crime, for example.

A Plano white collar crime lawyer at our firm can examine your charges to find a strong defense. Your criminal defense lawyer will do all they can to keep a serious white collar charge off your record.

How Can a Plano White Collar Crime Affect Your Life?

Not all criminal charges are created equal. Conviction of a white collar crime will likely result in more serious legal consequences than conviction for shoplifting. A serious crime such as embezzlement could mean a lengthy prison term. It could mean being placed on federal probation for many years.

A white collar crime on your record could prevent you from securing a good job. You may never be able to find a good job again. You and your family could suffer embarrassment because of your conviction.

There’s no doubt that a white collar crime conviction in Plano will negatively impact your life. You will probably want to reach out to a Plano white collar crime attorney as soon as possible for help building a strong defense against these serious charges.

How Your White Collar Crime Lawyer in Plano Could Defend You

It’s common to feel hopeless after being charged with a serious crime. It’s important you know that there is always hope, especially when you have a strong legal team in your corner. Your Plano white collar crime defense lawyer can look at every nook and cranny of your case to find a solid defense.

A few possible defense options when charged with a white collar crime in Plano include:

  • Mistake of fact
  • Mistaken identity
  • Innocence
  • Violation of your rights
  • Someone set you up

Get in Touch with a White Collar Crime Attorney in Plano, Texas

Forgery, insider trading, bribery, and fraud are just a few examples of serious charges that could have been levied against you. Going up against these types of serious charges on your own is not usually a great plan. Many white collar offenses are charged at the federal level in Plano. You probably need a federal defense lawyer to help you.

Make the call to a Plano white collar crime lawyer to discuss your defense options. Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. can be reached by completing the website contact form below or by dialing 214-665-6930.


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