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Can a Lawyer Get Me Out of Jail?

When you’ve been arrested for a criminal offense, you need to get out of jail as soon as possible. Avoiding a prison sentence can protect your future from major penalties that could affect you for a long time after your case has concluded.

Get help soon if you’re wondering, “Can a lawyer get me out of jail?” A lawyer can be vital to making sure you avoid jail, and even help you get your charges dropped or dismissed. If you’re facing criminal charges, then, reach out to the lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to help you deal with your arrest and get out of jail.

Posting Bail after an Arrest

Being arrested can be a stressful, upsetting situation. You could be arrested in a public place for a warrant is out for your arrest. If you’re unable to make bail, it can be even more difficult to recover from your situation. Fortunately, your criminal defense attorney can help you, even at this point.

If you’re concerned about an arrest warrant, contact your attorney. They can help you prepare your  bail and schedule a discreet arrest before anything happens. That way, they can post your bail as soon as possible. You’ll have more time to focus on your defense and what you need to fight back.

A Defense for Your Trial

Once you’ve been released after an arrest, you’ll need to prepare a defense to fight back against their accusations. The evidence you and your lawyer gather can protect your future and help you avoid the harsh penalties of a conviction.

Without a lawyer, it can be difficult to avoid jail time. It’s your word against a police officer’s, which puts you at a disadvantage. You’ll also have fewer resources for gathering evidence, and you won’t have the knowledge and experience on your side that you need.

Unfortunately, many people who choose to avoid contacting a lawyer aren’t able to get the evidence needed for a reduced sentence or a complete dismissal. If you’re concerned about avoiding jail time, your lawyer may be able to help.

Seek Out a Lawyer before You Get Jail Time

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, your main concern may be avoiding jail time. Unfortunately, that can be difficult, and you may be facing years behind bars. Now, you have one question: Can a lawyer get me out of jail?

Fortunately, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding charges with an attorney from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C.. If you’re facing harsh penalties for your case, reach out for help. We can give you the guidance you need to avoid a conviction and get your life back on track.

If you’re struggling with a criminal offense, reach out for help from an attorney. Get started by calling 214-665-6930 or by filling out the online form below to contact us.


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