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McKinney Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges is a scary prospect, but it’s not something you must do alone. Secure a McKinney defense attorney with Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. for help going up against a criminal charge.

Texas is tough on crime, and the state won’t hesitate to throw the book at you if you let them. Rolling over is not an option, especially if you want to have a good life. If you’re being charged with a crime, you must fight against conviction. Even misdemeanor convictions can negatively affect you more than you may even realize.

A criminal conviction goes on your record, a record that employers examine closely before making hiring decisions. Looking for an apartment or decent housing? They check criminal records, too. If you can possibly avoid conviction, don’t you think it’s at least worth it to try? Contact a McKinney criminal defense lawyer at our firm for help with your case.

Ways a Criminal Conviction in McKinney Could Affect Your Future

When you are convicted of a crime in Texas, your entire life can be impacted. You will always struggle to secure employment, because employers almost always do a background check before hiring. You will likely suffer financially because of your inability to secure employment.

You could also be embarrassed by your crime, and your family could also suffer embarrassment. In addition, many housing complexes perform background checks as well, which means that you could be denied housing.

As if the above negative effects of a conviction weren’t bad enough, your crime will surely come will legal penalties as well. Felony convictions often come with a jail or prison term attached, as well as large fines. You could also be placed on probation, where your every move is watched and your home can be invaded without notice.

Even misdemeanors can negatively impact you in many of the same ways felonies do. Your McKinney criminal lawyer will do everything possible to help you avoid the negative effects of a conviction by defending you to the best of their ability.

Can a McKinney Defense Attorney Really Improve the Outcome of Your Case?

A McKinney defense lawyer will look at every angle to find the best way to defend you against conviction. The following are some of the crimes your attorney can help you with.

Make the Call to a Defense Lawyer in McKinney, Texas

No matter what criminal charge you’re facing, a defense attorney can help improve your situation. Defending yourself against conviction is risky at best and can actually harm you further. Your defense attorney knows the laws in McKinney and knows how to find the best defense available for your unique criminal case.

Get in touch with a McKinney criminal defense lawyer today to get started building your defense. You can reach Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. by calling us at 214-665-6930 or by completing and sending in the online form below.


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