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How to Get Medical Care for a Personal Injury

April 10, 2023

Know how to get medical care after a personal injury. Whether it happened at work, in a car accident, or elsewhere, knowing your healthcare options and treatments will help you make the best decisions for your health.

However, getting personal injury medical care can be difficult. This step-by-step guide helps. We’ll help you understand how to get medical care and take the right steps to get it.

Selecting a Doctor

Many factors go into choosing a personal injury doctor. Make sure your doctor has experience treating your injury and its side effects. Second, check if they accept insurance and what your out-of-pocket costs will be. Thirdly, check if the doctor is part of a well-regarded healthcare system. This can improve care. Finally, ask family and friends who have had similar doctor experiences.

When choosing a doctor, quality of care and expected outcomes are more important than cost. Before entrusting your recovery to a doctor, consider your health first.

Gathering Evidence of Your Accident and Injuries

To receive compensation to cover your medical care, you must explain the accident and your injuries to an insurance adjuster. Describe the incident in detail and include photos or other evidence.

Technical terms can help explain accident effects, so list all of your symptoms, no matter how minor. Sprains, contusions, and fractures may apply. Remember that some physical injuries develop slowly. Symptom onset can show a timeline for incident-related medical care.

Additionally, trauma-related anxiety and mental health issues should be addressed. Mental health issues can have long-term consequences. Doctor’s recommendations and therapist notes can support these claims.

Finally, personal injury cases are often emotionally exhausting and difficult to navigate because trauma can make it hard to focus on legal matters, so having extra help is recommended.

To get medical treatment for your injury, you must communicate all accident details. After explaining the accident and your injuries, it’s time to understand your insurance policy to get the financial help you need.

Knowing Your Insurance

After a personal injury, medical treatment can be expensive and require you to choose between insurance and self-pay. Understanding your insurance coverage and how it affects treatment costs is crucial. 

Health insurance and auto liability personal injury protection are the two main insurance policies to consider. Health insurance covers doctor visits, MRIs, physical therapy, and other out-of-pocket expenses, but co-pays and deductibles can significantly increase medical costs. 

Understanding your needs and researching your options will help you make an informed decision that fits your preferences while protecting you from financial ruin if personal injury claim treatment costs rise. Considering deductibles and expenses can help you understand medical bills after an injury.

No matter your choice, you need a financial plan to cover expenses not covered by insurance. If a doctor or physical therapist is needed, consider filing a personal injury claim.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

After calculating medical costs, file a personal injury claim if you’re left paying out of pocket for your medical care. If the at-fault party was negligent or intentionally harmed you, you may be entitled to compensation. Successful claims can recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Below are some key personal injury claim steps you may need to take:

  • If possible, gather incident evidence and witness statements. Record the offender’s statements and dates and times.
  • Claim insurance from the offender. Include an evidence list with your account.
  • If your pay falls short, sue in civil court.

Consult a personal injury lawyer before proceeding. Expect a decision to take weeks or months, depending on the claim’s complexity. Use the decision to guide your next steps, whether that’s accepting an offer or filing a lawsuit.

After a traumatic event like an accident or injury, filing a personal injury claim is difficult but necessary to ensure fairness and adequate financial compensation. Personal injury lawyers can help victims protect their rights and investigate all compensation options.

Seek Help Getting Coverage for Medical Care 

When you’re seriously injured, you may need compensation to get your medical care covered after an injury. Unfortunately, that can be tough without help. That’s why you may need help from the lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. 

If you’re struggling to get medical care following an accident, reach out for a free consultation for guidance through your options. Give us a call at 214-665-6930 or fill out the online contact form below to learn more about your options. 


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