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Plano Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt by another person’s carelessness, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Your Plano personal injury attorney can represent you during these difficult times. 

When you’ve been seriously injured, recovery can be expensive, painful, and difficult. Some injuries can take years to heal, if they ever completely heal. Worse, you may have been impacted because someone was careless with your safety.

When this happens, the lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. are here to help. Talk to a Plano personal injury lawyer to get the representation and legal support you need after your accident.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

After a serious Plano personal injury, you need to know more about the claim you’re facing. Every claim is difficult, and each type of personal injury lawsuit comes with its own challenges. For example, those injured because another person was abusive may be unable to turn to an insurance company, while a pedestrian struck by a car may be able to act now through the insurance company.

Below is just a sample of the claim types we’re prepared to help you overcome:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Wrongful death
  • Dog bites 
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Boating accidents

Determining Liability in a Personal Injury Claim

Before you take your claim to court, you need to know who’s responsible for your injuries. You’ll need to file the claim against the correct at-fault party, or your claim can be delayed and more difficult than necessary.

Luckily, your personal injury lawyer can help you investigate. They can take a look at the cause of your injuries and determine who’s at fault. While some claims are simple to pinpoint, they can get complex quickly. If you’re unsure who’s ultimately responsible for your injuries, reach out to a Plano injury attorney to learn more about your claim.

Compensation for Plano Injury Victims

Your injuries can impact every aspect of your life, which is why it’s important to know what compensation you’re due before you file a Plano injury claim. Your economic and non-economic damages, or the types of harm you suffered because of the accident, should all be included in your lawsuit.

But how do you keep track of all your damages? Economic or financial damages may cover both current and future expenses. For example, you may need surgery months from now after a spinal cord injury, but how do you calculate those damages?

You may also need help getting compensated for your intangible suffering and trauma, or non-economic damages. Because these don’t have a price tag, you may need special tools to calculate them. Talk to your lawyer if you’re struggling to get compensated for these damages.

Get Help from a Plano Serious Injury Lawyer

When you’re hurt in a Plano accident, the at-fault party won’t always be willing to work with you and help you recover from your injuries. You may need a Plano personal injury lawyer to step in.

Luckily, the lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. are here to help. Reach out for a free consultation with one of our attorneys and get the guidance you need for your claim. Call 214-984-3113 or complete the following online contact form.


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