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We've got your back If you've been charged with a crime, our team can help protect your future.

Dallas Criminal Lawyer

Facing a federal criminal charge? Accused of a white collar crime? Wondering how to fight back after a felony charge?

You can fight your charges, but where do you start? Start with a criminal attorney who can make an impact and get results.

Don’t enter the courtroom outgunned. Don’t come to the fight of your life unprepared.

You’re no criminal. You’re someone who has been charged with a crime. There’s a big difference. We’re here to help you at what might be the lowest point of your life.

  • How do I build a winning defense for my charge?
  • Where can I find legal help when I’m charged with a serious crime?
  • Was my arrest legal?
  • Are my rights being violated?
  • How can I beat my charges?
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You Have the Right to a Fair Defense

Chris Lewis and his team are ready to help you handle whatever criminal situation you’ve found yourself in. From federal crimes to sex crimes to capital offenses, our Dallas defense lawyer can protect your rights and your freedom.

Meet Chris Lewis

Chris has a singular passion: fighting for the underdog, and in criminal law, it is almost always the accused. Mr. Lewis has handled more than 250 jury trials. For over 20 years, Chris has devoted his practice to defending people from unwarranted or unjustified charges. He seeks to give his clients peace through his skill, experience, and aggressive representation. When clients work with Chris, they know they are in good hands.

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Chris Lewis is everything you need in a trial lawyer…

Intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced, energetic, strategic, and fearless. And, he has surrounded himself with a staff who complement his competency and intensity. He is truly gifted in simplifying the complex – without diluting the details necessary for effective communication to the jury. His cross examination skills are precise in exposing the weaknesses of opposing witnesses and counsel. His engaging personality and presentation capture and hold the attention of everyone in the courtroom. My family and I are truly grateful to have had Chris and his team as advocates and counsel – they are incredible!

An attorney you can trust

I cannot say enough great things about Chris and his firm. Unfortunately, I found myself in an awkward position with the law and needed the professional help and skill of Chris Lewis. He met with me to get the details and then quickly went to work on my case. While I was in an embarrassing situation, Chris was very professional and courteous, and put me at ease. At the conclusion of the ordeal, my case was dismissed and I was able to move on without the possible shadow on my record and career. I am grateful for professionalism and sincerity Chris gave me and to my case. If you’re in need of a lawyer, Chris Lewis is the one to call on.

Hero of Lawyers

Chris is intelligent, incredibly hard-working, zealous, and, sometimes, downright scary. He commands the respect of all of his peers (defense attorneys and prosecutors alike) and of the judges. Whenever my husband saw Chris at court, my husband would light up and feel encouraged because he “felt safe.” He knew Chris would protect him and had his best interest in mind. If you want to be impressed and to witness the definition of a top advocate, you must watch Chris perform in the courtroom.

The Real Deal.

Several years ago I was arrested for DWI. I began by hiring probably the most expensive DWI lawyer in my city, and was soon disheartened by how his office treated me. I quit the first attorney and hired Chris Lewis, and that decision ultimately saved me. From the outset, Chris had a strategy for my case that was insightful and practical. He evidently had the respect of judges and others in the courthouse, because his arguments convinced the judge to suppress nearly all of the evidence against me. The prosecutor finally dismissed the charges.

Mr. Lewis could have done what so many mediocre lawyers do (the minimum), but instead he went to bat for me in a big way, and won my case. I am forever grateful. He is a shining example for others in his field; simply the best.


What Can a Dallas Criminal Lawyer Do for You?

Your criminal attorney in Dallas can help you in a number of ways.

They can examine your Dallas case to build the best defense. This often includes getting evidence against you tossed out due to rights violations, police mistakes, telling your side of the story, or showing how you don’t deserve to be convicted.

Your Dallas attorney can help you get out of jail. They may be able to get bail reduced and explain to the court why you should be in the community pending hearings or a trial.

They can work to get you the best plea deal possible for your situation.

Your attorney can represent you in court if your case goes to trial, and they can fight to get you acquitted of the crime you’ve been charged with in Dallas.

Our Experience Matters

Attorney Chris Lewis has significant experience with criminal defense law and the courtroom. He’s often called on to contribute to media reports on crimes that make local or national news. Click through to see some of Mr. Lewis’s media appearances.

How Our Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm Can Help

When you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s easy to feel like there’s no hope. You might not see a way to combat the accusations and evidence the state is about to throw at you. Our goal is to improve your situation. That means fighting hard for you—beating your charge, getting your charge reduced, negotiating for the best possible outcome.

Here’s the bottom line: Your attorney at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. is ready to help you handle whatever criminal charge you’re facing.

Dallas Criminal Defense FAQ

Being charged with a crime is a frightening position to be in, and you’re likely wondering whether you should work with a defense lawyer or go with a public defender. You are going to have some questions. For your convenience, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions below.

What’s the difference between a public defender and a private criminal attorney?

A private criminal defense attorney is paid by you to provide legal advice and services. Your attorney will work to secure the best possible outcome for your case. A public defender is appointed by the court. Often overwhelmed and overworked, they focus on moving cases quickly. They likely can’t and won’t put much effort into your case.

Could I go to jail if I’m convicted of a crime?

Yes, legal penalties are often the result of a conviction. You could go to jail or prison, be ordered to pay fines, lose your drivers license, or face other legal consequences. In addition to legal penalties, you could also deal with non-legal issues, such as job loss, financial issues, and trouble securing adequate housing.

Can a criminal defense lawyer in Dallas work with my budget?

Yes, you can often work out payment arrangements with your defense lawyer at our firm. We understand that facing criminal charges isn’t something you budgeted for. Your future is worth fighting for, and we want to help. Call a criminal defense lawyer at our firm to discuss your unique situation and your best next steps.


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