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Frisco Drug Lawyer

Looking to build a defense against a drug offense for which you’ve been accused? Partner with a Frisco drug attorney at our firm to ensure you do everything you can to protect your future.

Drug crimes can put a permanent black mark on your criminal record and wreak havoc on your life. Even misdemeanor crimes can cause tremendous life upheaval. It could take you years to get your life back in order, and you will likely have the crime on your record for the rest of your life.

You don’t have to plead guilty to a drug crime in Frisco if you don’t want to. You can choose to take your case to trial. You have the right to a fair defense, and a Frisco drug lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. wants to help you build yours.

How a Frisco Drug Crime Can Destroy Your Life

Many people in Frisco don’t know how serious a drug conviction can be. Not only will you deal with legal penalties such as jail or prison and fines, but you could also have a charge on your record for life. Your criminal record could prevent you from getting a good job, and it could keep you from living in certain neighborhoods.

Some controlled substance offenses in Frisco could result in the loss of your rights. You could also face financial instability due to the fines and job loss that often accompany drug convictions. Your conviction could also put a strain on your relationships, leading to relationship issues or loss.

It’s important you talk to a Frisco drug crime attorney right away about your Frisco drug case. It’s possible you could avoid some or all of the negative ramifications of a conviction with help from an attorney.

Possible Defenses against a Frisco Drug Charge

Drug charges vary depending on the circumstances of the case, and some people get caught up in situations they had no control over. For example, suppose you are staying at a family member’s house in Frisco and the home gets raided. You might be arrested for drug charges even though you had nothing to do with the illegal behavior.

Defenses are available against conviction of a Frisco drug crime. It’s your Frisco drug crime attorney’s job to defend you. Here are a few more defenses you could use in some cases if charged with a drug offense in Frisco, Texas.

  • The drugs didn’t belong to you.
  • You were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • The drug possession was for personal use, not for sale.
  • Yours was a case of entrapment.
  • Someone is trying to frame you.

Talk with a Drug Attorney in Frisco, Texas

Not every person accused of a drug offense is guilty of the charge against them. You have the right to a defense, and the outcome could be a good one with the right help. If you sign the first plea bargain offered to you without speaking to a Frisco lawyer first, you might not learn whether you had a better option.

Talk to a lawyer at our firm. They might be able to get your controlled substance charges reduced or dismissed. To speak to a Frisco drug lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., fill out and send in the online contact form on this web page or call 214-665-6930.


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