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Dallas Insider Trading Defense Lawyer

Insider trading is a serious violation of federal law, and you could face legal penalties if convicted. You could minimize the risk of losing your job, your reputation, and your freedom by working with a Dallas insider trading defense attorney at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C..

The crime of insider trading is when those who have insider knowledge, meaning information that’s not available to the public, with regard to selling or buying securities or stocks use that knowledge to benefit themselves or their company.

The people who could be charged with insider trading are company officials, directors, corporate officers, workers, and others who are tipped off by those in the know.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission takes this behavior seriously, and you could be prosecuted if you engaged in insider trading. It’s important that you talk to a Dallas insider trading defense lawyer about your case. A conviction could destroy your life, your job, your future, your financial stability, and your freedom.

Legal Penalties for Insider Trading

If you’ve been charged with insider trading, it might be a good idea to retain the services of a Dallas insider trading criminal defense lawyer. You face serious consequences if convicted of insider trading.

The maximum sentence for insider trading is twenty years in prison and a fine up to $5 million. For entities, such as companies whose securities are publicly traded, they can receive a fine of up to $25 million.

In addition to these serious legal consequences, you could also deal with other negative life effects. You could lose your job; you might be barred from making trades in the future; you could suffer a blow to your reputation; your financial security could be negatively impacted.

How a Dallas Insider Trading Criminal Defense Lawyer Could Help You

If you suspect you’re being investigated for insider trading, a lawyer could help you in a number of ways. They can help to advise you on ways to not make the situation worse. You probably don’t want to talk to the FBI or any other government officials without having an attorney present. They can use your statements against you.

If you lie or try to cover up something, you could face additional charges of making false statements to the police. A lawyer can help to find a defense, and they can also help to protect your rights.

Connect with an Insider Trading Defense Attorney in Dallas, Texas

It’s a smart idea to contact a Dallas insider trading defense lawyer right away if you have been charged or believe you will be charged with insider trading. The sooner you talk with a Dallas lawyer, the sooner they can take steps to protect you from prosecution of this serious offense.

The government does not take kindly to insider trading, and they will likely come after you if they believe they have evidence against you. However, many people accused of insider trading are innocent, so it’s important that you call a lawyer at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. right away. Dial 214-665-6930 or send in the online contact form below to reach our firm.


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