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Dallas Bribery Defense Lawyer

Bribery is a serious criminal offense in Dallas, Texas, and you could face life-altering consequences if convicted. Contact Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., to speak to a Dallas bribery defense attorney about your case.

Are you facing bribery or corrupt influence charges in Dallas? It’s a serious offense to attempt to bribe a public servant to abandon their sworn duties. If you are being accused of bribing a public official or of any other corrupt influence crime, you should contact a lawyer right away. If convicted of a crime such as bribery, you will likely face serious legal penalties.

You could go to jail or prison, you could be placed on probation, you could be forced to pay fines, and you will likely have a crime on your record forever. A corruption offense on your criminal record will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to secure a decent job. Call a Dallas bribery defense lawyer with our firm to start working on your defense as soon as possible.

Examples of Dallas Bribery and Corruption Offenses

There are many different forms of corrupt influence crimes in Dallas. The most common is bribing a public servant, which is when you offer money, influence, or other items of value in exchange for the official doing something you want. A few other types of corrupt influence crimes in Dallas are listed below.

  • Tampering with a witness
  • Improper influence
  • Coercion of a public servant or voter
  • Obstruction or retaliation
  • Offering a gift to a public servant

Even public servants themselves can be charged with a corruption offense if they accept gifts or any type of benefit when it’s against the law to do so. If you have been charged with one of these Dallas bribery offenses, reach out to a Dallas bribery criminal defense attorney for help with your white collar crime case.

Possible Defenses When Facing Bribery Charges in Dallas, Texas

Sometimes, people offer gifts to public servants not knowing that they shouldn’t do so. In some cases, gifts are acceptable as long as you aren’t asking for something in return. For instance, buying a police officer’s breakfast if you see them in a restaurant is common. This is usually acceptable behavior, so long as you aren’t doing it for your own personal gain.

You might not be guilty of bribery or other corruption offenses. You will likely want a Dallas bribery lawyer’s help in getting out of this situation. Here are some defense options if you’ve been charged with bribery in Dallas.

  • The offer or payment was meant to be a gift and not intended as a bribe.
  • You made a request or plea for assistance or for a certain outcome, but you didn’t pay someone off.
  • There is not enough evidence against you to prove bribery.
  • You didn’t intend to change a witness’s testimony.

Get in Touch with a Bribery Defense Attorney in Dallas, TX

Get help from a Dallas bribery defense lawyer if you have been charged with a bribery offense in Dallas. Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., can be reached via the online submission form on this page, or you can call our firm at 214-665-6930.


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