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When Is Murder a Federal Crime?

November 11, 2021

The elements that constitute the crime of murder may vary in different legal systems, but generally include the following:

  • The homicide is premeditated, and the perpetrator still commits the relevant behavior even knowing that the relevant behavior will cause the death of others.
  • Even if there is no specific target of murder, the relevant behavior (such as arson in a densely populated place, or detonation of explosives) may be expected to cause the death of others and can therefore be charged.

In most cases, murder is a state crime tried in state courts. However, in some cases, murder is a federal offense prosecuted by a federal court and subject to federal penalties.

Federal Murder Charges

Generally, there are seven situations in which wrongful death completely goes against the laws of the federal government. These includes:

  • The murder involved a federal judge, federal police, or other enforcement officials
  • Assassination of an appointed or elected federal servant (for example, the president, a Congress member, a Supreme Court justice, or a federal judge)
  • A murder involving a close relative of a federal worker or officer
  • The murder committed during a bank robbery
  • A murder that took place on a ship at sea (for example, a ship engaged in international trade under the trade clause of the U.S. Constitution)
  • A murder that has had an impact on the judicial process
  • A murder that took place on federal property (for example, in a national park)

Homicide within federal jurisdiction can be charged as murder in the first degree or murder in the second degree, depending on the situation surrounding the case.

First-Degree Murder

First-degree murder refers to those who commit murder illegally and have both “intent to kill” and a “premeditated plan.” It may also involve the killing of police officers, judges, government officials, witnesses, many people, or the death of the victims by cruel methods.

Second-Degree Murder

Second-degree murder isn’t considered pre-meditated and may be caused by the reckless conduct of the defendant. It can be classified into:

  • Unintentional homicide—in this case, the perpetrator may have no knowledge of their homicide or their homicide was not premeditated, planned, or evolving out of righteous indignation.
  • The result of death is not caused by the perpetrator’s dangerous behavior and the perpetrator’s negligence.
  • In some areas of the United States, the laws of drinking and driving, at least repeated drunk driving and resulting death, may lead to a second-degree murder charge.

 Murder in the first degree carries a capital punishment or life imprisonment in federal prison.

According to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, federal second-degree murder charges are associated with any federal prison sentence.

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