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Dallas Criminal Defense FAQ

When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to understand the charges against you and what you can do to get those charges dropped. Unfortunately, you might have plenty of questions that are making taking action tough.

When you’re struggling to find the right answers, get started with our Dallas criminal defense FAQ. Getting the answers you need is important, and at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., we’re ready to help you get all the answers you need.

Should I bother fighting a misdemeanor?

While the penalties for a misdemeanor may not be as harsh as a felony, it can still leave you struggling with severe fines and jail time. Typically, you’ll be paying fines topping out at $4,000, and you may be facing up to one year in jail.

However, that doesn’t mean that these charges aren’t worth fighting. You shouldn’t have to face these harsh penalties, and you may have a chance to have those penalties dropped. Reach out to an attorney about fighting your misdemeanor penalties.

Could I face penalties after I’ve served my sentence?

Unfortunately for many people, the consequences don’t stop when you’ve paid your fines and served your full sentence. Instead, your criminal charges will remain on your record, making it tough to recover and get back to your typical life.

For example, you’ll likely face some difficulties getting employment. Many employers complete background checks on potential employees, and a criminal record may mean a rejected resume. Likewise, landlords seeking residents typically complete a background check, so a criminal offense may put convenient, desirable housing out of reach.

Do I need a criminal defense attorney?

When you’ve been accused of a crime, your future is at risk. You could potentially face harsh penalties, which will make a full recovery more difficult. Unfortunately, you’re also facing the prosecutor and their evidence as someone who may not have any law experience.

That can make building a solid defense tough. Fortunately, a criminal defense attorney can help you get the answers you need for your case and fight to get your charges dropped.

Get Answers for Your Dallas Criminal Case

If you’re facing criminal charges and a day on trial, you’ll need to be ready to act now and fight back to get your charges dropped. Unfortunately, that’s not always so easy.

If you have questions about the penalties you could face or what you need to do to avoid those penalties, contact an attorney from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C.. Our Dallas criminal defense FAQ can help you get started, but you may have specific questions about your case, and we can answer those questions.

If you’re ready to fight back, get the answers you need by reaching out to our attorneys. To begin, give us a call at 214-665-6930 or complete the following online form.


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