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The Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Dallas

January 19, 2023

The Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Dallas

Dallas is the third most populous city in the massive state of Texas, with more than six million residents as of 2022. With a huge art district, world-class museums, and the popular Dallas Cowboys football team, Dallas receives a huge number of visitors. With the addition of tourists, the roads are even busier, prone to traffic and tens of thousands of car accidents every year.

Dallas, Texas has the third-highest rate of car accidents in the state, following Houston and San Antonio. Avoiding a car accident can be tough when car accidents are so common, but the right steps and avoiding the most dangerous roads and intersections in Dallas can help you avoid a serious crash. 

Belt Line Road and Preston Road / Dallas Pkwy

The Dallas Parkway is a busy area leading through the city, which means many people travel on this road every day. Some may take this road to travel to and from home or work. This means many people may be leaving bars and may be over the legal limit. 

Drunk drivers are, unfortunately, a common cause of car accidents in Texas. 

You are considered intoxicated in Texas when your blood alcohol content (BAC) level reaches or exceeds 0.08 percent. Everyone processes alcohol differently, but it takes approximately four 12-ounce beers to get the average person above the legal limit. Factors such as age, weight, and medical conditions can impact your BAC, however.

Drunk drivers were responsible for over 1,000 car accidents in Dallas in 2021. That works out to approximately three car accidents caused by drunk drivers, every day.

Distracted drivers are another common cause of car accidents. Now that a majority of adult Americans have a miniature computer accessible every minute of every day, negligent, distracted driving has become a bigger problem. While smartphones can also be used for navigation, they are often the culprit of distracting drivers.

Interstate 20

Interstate 20 is a common route to travel across the city and across state lines. Traffic tends to move much faster on the interstate, but some may even exceed these higher limits, leading to deadlier crashes. 

Speeding and other forms of reckless driving are also contributing factors to numerous accidents. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving over the speed limit has been credited as the cause of over 25 percent of fatal car crashes.

Roads that the government has allowed to fall into disrepair can also cause accidents. Nearly a fourth of Texas roads are in poor condition, with an excess of potholes and other imperfections that can cause accidents if left unattended.

Unfortunately, roads being repaired can also contribute to accidents. Highway work zones, despite having bright orange flags and signs denoting their existence and the lower speed limit, are often ignored. In 2021, Dallas saw 3,748 highway work zone accidents.

Interstate 45

The interstates in Dallas aren’t just for the average driver commuting or running errands. The interstate is also a major part of the routes for many commercial truck drivers. 

Commercial vehicles (eighteen-wheelers, tanker trucks, moving trucks, farm vehicles, buses, tow trucks, garbage trucks, refrigerated trucks, passenger vans, and others) also pose dangers on the road. In 2021, there were 4,125 commercial vehicle accidents in Dallas, 38 of which were fatal accidents, costing 40 individuals their lives. 

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