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How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me? 

May 13, 2020

People don’t like to be taken advantage of. Sadly, there are many crooked people in this world who try to make money by offering people services they don’t really need. That’s not true of criminal defense lawyers at our firm. Our attorneys provide invaluable legal advice and assistance. They work tirelessly to help those dealing with the criminal justice system.

When you are faced with a crime, you have two main options for representation. You can hire a criminal defense attorney or use the public defender who is appointed by the court. 

A lot of people use a public defender because they don’t realize they can afford a lawyer. If money weren’t a consideration, most people would choose the criminal defense lawyer over a public defender for a variety of reasons.

Criminal Defense Lawyer vs. Public Defender

The reason people prefer private defense attorneys is because they are better able to fight for you. Your criminal defense lawyer has the resources needed to build a strong defense. They have the time to devote to your case. They won’t take on cases they don’t have time for.

The above is not true of a public defender. A public defender is not a bad lawyer, but they are swamped. They have too many cases and not enough time. They aren’t able to turn down cases because cases are appointed by the court. 

Additionally, a public defender can’t play to their strengths. They have to take any and all cases assigned to them. They might be great at defending against DUIs or drug charges, but not so great at handling sex offense cases.

If you decide to go the private criminal lawyer route, you will get to choose a lawyer with experience and proven results related to your type of case. Also, you likely can afford a criminal lawyer. They can usually work out payment arrangements with their clients. They know that people don’t always have money in an account for the specific purpose of paying a lawyer.

You didn’t know you were going to be charged with a crime. You can’t always plan for these things. You can talk to a lawyer at our firm about setting up payment arrangements.

How Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

When you team up with a criminal lawyer, they will start by examining your case. They will look at every angle to find the best defense options. 

They can give you legal advice that could greatly improve your case outcome. They can assist you with all court hearings and even litigate your case if needed. They could negotiate a plea deal if that’s the right option for you. 

Having a lawyer often means a better outcome for your legal case than you could get without one.

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