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How to Fight a Shoplifting Charge 

July 7, 2020

Shoplifting is a crime in Texas. You can be arrested and get into serious trouble if convicted of a shoplifting crime. The seriousness of your charges will be based on the value of the items taken. A criminal defense lawyer can be invaluable in helping you through your legal situation. 

For instance, your crime could be charged as a Class C misdemeanor if the value of the items taken was less than $100. If the value was more than $2,500 but less than $30,000, you could be charged with a state jail felony offense.

No matter what type of charge you receive—misdemeanor or felony—your life will be impacted by a conviction. Employers don’t take kindly to theft charges of any kind. They are fearful you will steal from them. They don’t want to take that risk.

Can You Fight Your Shoplifting Charge?

Of course you can fight your shoplifting charge. Your future is important to you, and it’s not always best to sign the first plea agreement offered to you. A lawyer can help you fight a shoplifting charge. 

First, a lawyer can examine your case to determine the best defense. Sometimes, misunderstandings happen. Sometimes, people are falsely accused of crimes. In other situations, you could be charged with a crime that was actually committed by someone else. It is possible to avoid a conviction. You can’t avoid a conviction, though, if you give in and give up.

Negative Effects of a Shoplifting Conviction

Going to jail is possible for a shoplifting charge. You could also be ordered to repay the victim. You could be placed on probation, be ordered to complete community service, or deal with other legal consequences.

In addition to legal consequences, a criminal conviction could greatly impact your life in bad ways. For example, a theft crime could prevent you from living in certain neighborhoods. Your charge could prevent you from working certain types of jobs. Some jobs will be permanently shuttered to you.

Family issues often follow criminal convictions. Your self-esteem could be impacted by a criminal charge, as you could view yourself differently. You could deal with embarrassment. Friends may look at you differently or be unable to trust you.

You can see that a criminal conviction is never a good thing. Remember: You have options. You can fight a charge. You could get a reduced charge or get your charge dismissed.

Make the Call to a Dallas Shoplifting Lawyer

Fighting a criminal charge all on your own could leave you with a conviction and years of consequences. You may want to get help from a shoplifting lawyer in Dallas. A lawyer has experience that can improve your case’s chances of being dismissed or reduced. You can receive legal advice that can help you deal with this situation.

Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. is ready to discuss your options. Call 214-665-6930 or fill out the online contact from at the bottom of this page. Remember, theft crimes can affect your entire life—even misdemeanor ones. Your future is worth fighting for. 


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