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What Are Some Examples of Bribery in Business?

A form of white collar crime, bribery involves the trading or exchanging of money, favors, or other considerations in order to impact the ideas or actions of others. Bribery exists not only in politics but in business and other organizations.

Bribery is illegal, and either party in a bribe can be smacked with a fine or the possibility of jail time if convicted of the federal statute. So what are some examples of bribery in business? Read on to learn more about bribery and how a white collar crime lawyer can help.

Kickbacks: Bribery in Business

Bribery is a reality in many industries around the world, and it’s been estimated that up to a third of existing firms world-wide engage in some form of corporate bribery. However, as with any law, “bribery exists” is not an excuse for engaging in the practice oneself.

Bribes are often forged where corporate and government interests align. Frequently, they involve kickbacks in the awarding of public contracts. Some examples of bribes might include:

  • A construction guaranteeing an elected official ten percent in kickback money in exchange for a large public infrastructure contract
  • A manufacturing firm paying foreign officials money for preferential treatment or to smuggle unregistered goods across a border
  • A pharmaceutical firm bribes doctors, hospitals, or other healthcare facilities with incentives to use prescribe their drug to patients
  • A professional sports franchise bribes an official for preferential treatment or to fix the outcome of a contest

Bribery is regulated by federal and state statutes, and being charged with bribery is very serious.

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