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Can I Really Be Arrested for Internet Crimes in Texas?

The internet is still a relatively new phenomenon, which means that crimes that are committed online aren’t always easy to prosecute. Nevertheless, the police are getting better at tracking internet criminals and prosecuting them.

Many people don’t take internet crimes that seriously. They think that they can’t be caught, so it’s not going to affect their lives. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case anymore.

You’re probably wondering, “Can I really be arrested for internet crimes in Texas?” If you’re caught committing computer or online crimes, you can be arrested and you can go to jail.

Types of Cyber crimes in Texas

Many different types of internet crimes exist. You can probably think of one or two right now. For example, you probably know it’s a crime to purchase pirated movies or songs. Many people engage in this behavior, but that doesn’t make it legal. You probably know that making threats online is still illegal, even if you don’t make these threats to someone’s face.

You can be prosecuted and deal with real-world consequences for illegal online behavior. Here are a couple more examples of internet crimes:

Consequences of Internet Crimes in Texas

Internet crimes don’t come with lower penalties simply because you didn’t commit them in person. If you’re charged with fraud because of online criminal activity, you will face the same consequences as any other person charged with fraud. The same goes with many of the other types of internet crimes, such as theft.

Some cyber crimes are specific to online behavior and come with their own set of legal penalties, such as online impersonation.

Get in Contact with a Texas Internet Crimes Attorney

Back to your question: Can I really be arrested for internet crimes in Texas? Yes, you can, and you can face many negative consequences as a result. If you’re facing prosecution of a cyber crime, call an internet crime attorney at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. for help. Dial 214-665-6930 or complete the contact form on this web page.


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