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Dallas Robbery Lawyer

Being convicted of a robbery offense in Texas could destroy your life. Your best chance at a future is to contact a Dallas robbery attorney at our office who can defend you against conviction.

When you’ve been arrested and charged with a robbery crime in Texas, you may not be fully aware of the penalties and issues you face if convicted. The crime of robbery is similar to theft in that you are attempting to deprive another person or organization of their property.

What defines robbery as a serious offense, though, is the fact that violence, or the threat of violence, is being used in the commission of the crime. When violence is a factor in a theft-related crime, it is often treated much differently than a larceny or shoplifting type charge.

If you’re facing robbery charges, a conviction could lead to severe life consequences for you. Contact a Dallas robbery lawyer at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to get started working on your defense.

Punishments for a Robbery Conviction in Dallas, TX

Your case is unique, and the circumstances of your case will affect your charge and potential penalties. When you contact a Dallas robbery attorney, they will help you understand what your charge means and what penalties are possible in your situation. However, here is a general idea of legal penalties, based on the seriousness of the robbery offense.

  • Robbery – Second-degree felony punished by between two and twenty years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
  • Aggravated Robbery – First-degree felony punished by between five and ninety-nine years in prison or life and a fine of $10,000.

The factors that turn robbery into aggravated robbery are any of the following:

  • A deadly weapon was used.
  • The crime resulted in serious bodily injury.
  • The victim was disabled or older than the age of sixty-five.

Possible Defenses Against a Dallas Robbery Conviction

Your Dallas criminal robbery attorney will work tirelessly to find the best defense possible for your situation. Here are a few possible defenses:

  • You didn’t use force or the threat of force during the theft, as was stated.
  • You accidentally took something because you thought it was yours.
  • You’ve been falsely accused.
  • Your rights were violated.
  • You took something because you believed you were entitled to it (e.g. divorce).

Get Ahold of a Robbery Attorney in Dallas, Texas

If you do end up with a robbery conviction, most likely, you will spend some time in jail or prison. In addition, the serious nature of a robbery crime on your criminal record will mean you will be suffering because of this crime for the rest of your life. Potential employers will most likely not want to hire you, and your life will probably never be the same again.

Teaming up with a Dallas robbery lawyer is a smart move. Together we can build the best defense possible for your situation. To get ahold of Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., fill out the case review form below or call 214-665-6930.


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