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Dallas Assault Lawyer

Accusations of assault are serious, though you may be confused about what those charges mean for you. Fortunately, your attorney is ready to help you with your Dallas assault case.

When a situation becomes heated or stressful, in an instant you may find yourself facing serious charges of violence. Those charges can hurt your future and leave you facing penalties for years after the incident.

Fortunately, you have a chance to take action with a Dallas Assault lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. on your side. Our attorneys will help you face your charges, seeking out a dismissal of your assault charges when possible.

Penalties for Assault in Dallas

First, you’ll need to understand the penalties for assault charges, but that can be tough. You could be facing simple assault, aggravated assault, or assault and battery charges. You’ll need to understand the differences and the penalties for each.

Simple assault applies to cases where you’re accused of threatening bodily harm to someone, though the threat may not have been carried out. This offense is a class A misdemeanor if there are no aggravating factors, which means a maximum $500 fine. However, aggravating factors like the presence of a firearm could leave you facing much higher charges.

Worse, you may be accused of battery as well, which means that you’re accused of injuring another person. Depending on the other factors surrounding your case, you could be facing charges as high as a first-degree felony. That could mean five years to a life sentence in prison, not to mention fines totaling thousands of dollars.

Fighting Your Dallas Charges

When you’re accused of assault, you’ll need to understand the charges, as well as the indirect consequences that can haunt you after your sentence is over. Building a strong criminal defense case could help you reduce the penalties you’ll face, or you may be able to avoid consequences completely for your charges.

When you’re accused of assault, your defense will typically depend on the situation you’re facing. For example, if there’s any mistake of fact, like a question of identity of the attacker, your defense attorney may focus on proving you weren’t the one who committed the assault.

In other cases, your defense may focus on proving that you were simply defending yourself. You may have evidence that the other party also threatened you harm and that you were protecting yourself. If you’re not sure what the best approach for your case is, however, your Dallas lawyer can guide you through the process.

Contact an Assault Attorney in Dallas

When you’re facing assault charges, you’ll need help finding the best defense for your case and protecting your future. That’s tough without help, so reach out for the aid of an attorney from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C..

We understand how complex assault charges can be, and we know you may be concerned about how severe the penalties may be for your specific case. Fortunately, we can guide you. Get started today with a consultation, and we’ll discuss the details of your case, giving you the answers you need to fight back.

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