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What Is a Bail Bond and How Does It Work?

Being charged with a crime in Texas is terrifying. One of the reasons it’s so scary for a lot of people is the fact that jail is attached to the situation. No one wants to go to jail, especially when they haven’t been convicted of a crime yet.

If you want to get out of jail, you’re probably wondering: What is a bail bond and how does it work? Continue reading to learn more. For help with your legal situation, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer.

Getting Out of Jail

Bail is an amount of money set by the court that must be paid as a collateral for you being released. It’s sort of like an assurance to the court that you are taking your charges seriously and will return to court. If you don’t return to court hearings, you could lose any bail you paid.

A bail bond can be paid by a company who puts up the money for your bail for you. In return, you will pay the bail bondsperson a fee.

As long as you go to all of your court hearings, your bail can be returned to you. You won’t lose any money. You will receive your collateral back after your case concludes. If you don’t appear in court, or skip bail, you will lose any money you put up. If a bail bondsperson put up money for you, you will owe them money plus fees.

If you have further questions about posting bail to get out of jail, talk to a criminal defense lawyer in Texas.

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