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What Is a Federal Conspiracy Charge?

A federal conspiracy charge is brought when the prosecution can show that two or more persons agreed to commit a federal crime. Prosecutors use this charge to target several people all at once without any actual proof. You must get the help of a Dallas federal criminal defense lawyer if you face these charges.

Federal charges of any kind can be life-altering, making it tough to recover if you’re charged. Luckily, you have options to recover. At Chris Lewis & Associates P.C., we’re prepared to fight for your future. 

Three Elements of a Federal Conspiracy

Federal conspiracy charges are governed by 21 U.S. Code 846. Cases involving drug crimes often lead to federal conspiracy charges. You can be charged even if you were not fully aware of all the details of the conspiracy. However, the government must prove certain elements of the crime to convict you. 

When bringing a federal conspiracy charge against you, the prosecution must be able to prove each of these three elements:

  • Agreement The prosecution must show that two or more people reached an agreement. This agreement doesn’t have to be in writing or verbal. The element is satisfied even if the government shows that an implicit, unwritten, or unspoken agreement was reached.
  • Participation – The second element relates to your participation in the agreement. The prosecution needs to prove that you voluntarily joined this agreement.
  • Understanding – Finally, it must be shown that you understood the criminal nature of the agreement. For example, if you agreed to something else without understanding what you were actually agreeing to, you may have grounds for a defense. 

Defense Against a Federal Conspiracy Charge

Several defenses are possible against a federal conspiracy charge. Your attorney can show that the prosecution has failed to satisfy each of the three elements of the crime. For instance, if there is insufficient evidence about your agreement, participation, or understanding, this can be used to have the charges dismissed.

Many federal conspiracy charges rest on evidence recovered in police raids or searches. You can invoke the Fourth Amendment to question the constitutional legality of the actions that led to the evidence. If these actions can be shown as illegal, the evidence is suppressed.

Prosecutors also use false testimony to convict a person of conspiracy. This is done to pressure the defendant into accepting other charges or giving up certain information. Your lawyer can help cross-examine the testimony and show its falsity in a court of law.

Reach Out to a Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal conspiracy charges are brought by the government and can carry stiff penalties. You need to seek immediate help and advice from a qualified lawyer experienced in this specific area of law.

At Chris Lewis & Associates P.C., our lawyers are here to help you fight off federal conspiracy charges. We work with you to build a solid defense against the charge and fight it out in court. Get in touch with us at 214-665-6930 or complete the following online contact form to discuss your case with our lawyers. 


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