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How to Beat a Federal Drug Conspiracy Case

Drug conspiracy charges are serious enough to land you many years in federal prison. 

The legacy of the federal government’s War on Drugs is reflected in the existence of so-called mandatory minimum sentences, which make incarceration unavoidable in the case of a conviction for federal drug conspiracy charges

If you or someone else is facing federal drug conspiracy charges, it’s crucially important to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible if you’re going to have a shot at clearing your name. Continue reading to learn how you can beat a federal drug conspiracy case

Can You Beat a Federal Drug Conspiracy Charge?

In order to win a conviction for a drug conspiracy charge, federal prosecutors look to prove two elements:

  1. That there was an agreement between you and at least one other person to violate a federal drug law, and
  2. Both alleged parties to the crime were aware of the agreement and joined in. 

US federal law generally provides for a couple of different offenses that could constitute drug conspiracy, including:

  • Importing a controlled substance
  • Distributing
  • Manufacturing 
  • Possession with intent to distribute

The penalties for a conviction can be exceedingly harsh, depending on the drug in question. For example, being caught with more than one kilogram of heroin could lead to a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years. Additionally, a cocaine conspiracy conviction could land you eleven years in prison. 

However, if you’ve been charged with federal drug conspiracy, it could be possible to have your charges reduced or even dropped. Some of the most common defenses include:

An experienced criminal attorney can provide you with the best federal crimes defense depending on the relevant factors in your case. 

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