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Texas Controlled Substance Laws

As more people become concerned about controlled substance use and abuse in America, many Texas residents are concerned about the laws regarding drug abuse in the state.

Texas controlled substance laws can affect your future, so make sure you understand these statutes before you head to court on drug-related charges. At Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., we understand how confusing understanding Texas laws can be, so reach out for help from us for your case.

Drug Schedules Matter

When you’ve been accused of a drug-related offense in Texas, keep in mind that the drug schedule may affect your sentence. The more serious the drug, the more likely it is that you’ll be facing a more severe sentence.

The drug schedule determines how potent a drug is, as well as the likelihood of addiction to that drug. For example, drugs like marijuana are classified as a Schedule I drug, while medication containing codeine typically ranks lower.

When preparing for your day in court, prepare your defense by first speaking to a lawyer. You’ll need to know the severity of your charges and what consequences you could face if you’re convicted of a drug-related offense.

Penalties for Controlled Substance Offenses

If you’re accused of a controlled substances–related offense, you could face severe penalties if you fail to fight back. Some of these penalties may be unique to drug charges, so you’ll need to understand the possibilities as you prepare for your case.

For example, you’ll first need to consider the jail time and fines you could face in Texas. Those fines could leave you struggling financially for years after your sentence. Unfortunately, you may also spend years in jail if you’re convicted, making it even more difficult to overcome your penalties.

Worse, you may have other restrictions in your case. You may have your license suspended, for example, and you may be required to seek treatment for substance abuse. These penalties can make it difficult to overcome your charges, so speak to your lawyer about fighting back.

Talk to Your Texas Attorney about Drug Laws

Because controlled substance laws can be so severe, you may need help getting your charges reduced or dropped. These charges can have a serious impact on your future, so understanding the statutes that will affect you may make a difference for your case.

If you’re concerned about Texas controlled substance laws, reach out and contact a lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C.. Our experience and knowledge can help you work to get your charges reduced or dismissed completely.

When you’re ready to defend your case and prepare for your day in court, contact an attorney for the legal guidance you need. To begin, give us a call at 214-665-6930 or fill out the following online form.


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