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Federal Plea Bargaining FAQ

Getting charged with a federal crime can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life.

Federal charges often bring with them the threat of long, mandatory minimum sentences and other significant penalties that can reverberate throughout your personal and professional life. Sometimes, the attention, scrutiny, and emotional difficulty of going through a federal trial can be unwanted by a defendant.

In these cases, it’s absolutely essential to rely on the legal counsel of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney in Dallas before accepting a plea agreement in a federal criminal case. If you’ve been arrested, Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. can help.

FAQ About Plea Bargaining in Federal Criminal Cases

When it comes to advising someone facing federal charges on the proper course of action, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Accepting a plea agreement essentially means admitting guilt to something. At the federal level, this has serious consequences—even if the charge you’re admitting to is a best-case scenario.

Here are some basic clarifications about federal plea bargaining.

How Can Plea Bargaining Help?

The majority of federal criminal cases end when the federal prosecutor agrees to a plea deal with a defendant’s criminal defense attorney. Although this may seem counterproductive to a defendant, it can help some secure reduced charges, a recommendation from the prosecutor to the judge for a lighter sentence, or to even have some charges dropped altogether.

Why Would I Accept a Plea Deal?

It might make sense to accept a plea bargain if the prosecution has significant evidence of your alleged guilt. In federal criminal cases, which can be investigated by federal agencies, this is often the case. Accepting a plea deal can help you secure the best possible outcome given the facts of your criminal exposure and other considerations.

Why Do Prosecutors Offer Plea Deals if It Can Help Me?

Federal criminal trials expend significant time and resources. From the prosecutor’s perspective, a plea agreement helps secure a conviction without having to go to trial. In other cases, your cooperation in an active investigation could be a big part of a plea agreement.

Need Help? Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Accepting a plea agreement will have major ramifications for your life—so reach out to Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. to make sure you’re getting the help of an experienced attorney who can defend you against federal charges.

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