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Cocaine Possession Attorney in Dallas

If you’re concerned about a recent arrest for cocaine possession, don’t try to manage your case alone. Contact a drug possession attorney in Dallas for help building your defense.

Drug possession offenses are serious crimes, and more potent drugs may come with harsher penalties. Cocaine, as a Schedule I drug, is no exception. You may already know that firsthand, and now you’re concerned about what happens next. You’re facing major consequences that you may not fully understand.

That’s where your lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. can come in. Your Dallas cocaine possession lawyer can review the facts of your case and help you understand both the penalties and your defense.

Consequences for a Texas Conviction

When you’re accused of cocaine possession, you’ll first need to understand the penalties associated with a conviction. Often, penalties for possession depend on the type of drug and the amount in question. In this case, you’re dealing with a potent drug, which means that even a relatively small amount will be treated seriously.

Even less than one gram of cocaine is a felony. That means that even less than a gram of cocaine could result in a jail sentence of up to two years, if you don’t fight back against their accusations. You’ll also be facing up to $10,000 in fines for a conviction.

For larger amounts, the fines and jail time only increase. From a conviction alone, you could be facing years of penalties and debt if you don’t seek out a Dallas lawyer for help.

Long-Term Penalties for Cocaine Possession

Sadly, the consequences don’t end there. Many people feel that they’ve already been caught and choose not to defend themselves, which leaves them open to the above consequences and later indirect losses. You’re facing felony charges, and those won’t go away even after you’ve completed sentence.

For example, after your release, you need to secure stable income. However, you now have a felony on your criminal record. Your potential employers will see that when they complete a background check. Because a felony record is serious and is often accompanied by a stigma, many employers may choose not to hire you.

Your conviction can also impact your family life, your friends, and your well-being. Years in jail can lead to breakdowns in marriages and a loss of friendships. All of these can affect your mental and emotional health, which can present further obstacles for recovering a life after your conviction. A criminal defense attorney in Dallas can help.

Seek Out a Cocaine Possession Lawyer in Dallas

Because the penalties of a criminal conviction can be so harsh and life-altering, it’s in your best interests to work toward a case dismissal now rather than letting these consequences put your future at risk. Give your case its best chance by partnering with a highly regarded criminal defense lawyer today.

At Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C., we offer the tools and resources you need to challenge these accusations and defend yourself. If you’re struggling with your case, you may need a Dallas cocaine possession lawyer on your side. To begin, reach out by calling 214-665-6930 or by completing the following online form.


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