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Fake COVID-19 Test Kits: Is This a Federal Crime?

March 31, 2020

As more people contract COVID-19, other people are taking advantage of the panic over the current situation. Unfortunately, that means many people are falling for fake COVID-19 test kits. Is it a federal crime to sell these kits, though? 

Federal crimes are serious concerns, and if you’re accused of a federal crime, it can impact your future in huge ways. The good news is, you have a chance to talk to a Dallas criminal defense lawyer about federal criminal charges if you’re concerned about being charged. 

Criminal Fraud Cases during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Criminal fraud is the act of making a false claim about something, which goes beyond the usual laws around fraud. In these cases, you may have been accused of lying about a government project, or lying to make a profit on something the government is offering. 

As the coronavirus pandemic gets more serious, many people are concerned about their health and safety, but testing is often unavailable in many regions, including parts of Texas. Because of this, some people are turning to private citizens trying to sell fake COVID-19 test kits. 

The problem is, this could put people in danger for a profit. For example, if someone buys a fake test kit and it reads negative, they may go on with their day as normal and spread the virus further in Dallas and beyond. Worse, people may try to treat themselves at home, which could have deadly consequences if they’re acting on misinformation. 

Penalties for Fake COVID-19 Test Kits

As misinformation is spread during the pandemic, it can be tough to know how the federal government may respond to federal crimes. But, some people have already been arrested on federal charges related to coronavirus scams, including for promoting a fake cure and immunity drug. This means there’s a chance you could face federal charges if you’re accused of selling fake test kits. 

Federal fraud charges could have severe penalties that haunt you for years after the case. If you’re convicted of federal fraud charges, you could face time in a federal prison, not to mention the financial penalties you could suffer because of your case. 

These cases will also remain on your record if you’re convicted. That means anyone performing a background check will be able to see that you were convicted of a federal crime. That could mean losing job and housing opportunities if you’re convicted. 

Talk about Your Options with a Dallas Federal Criminal Lawyer

Coronavirus testing is still in process, and doctors around the country are struggling to get enough tests to cover the needs of all patients. Because of this, many people are taking advantage of the situation and creating fake COVID-19 test kits. But, is this a federal crime? 

Based on current events, you could be charged with a federal crime if you’re accused of creating a fake test kit. The good news is, you can still fight back when you’re accused. 

At Chris Lewis & Associates P.C., we’re prepared to help you avoid federal charges, protecting your future. If you’re concerned about accusations of criminal fraud regarding the coronavirus pandemic, reach out for help by calling 214-665-6930 or by filling out the online contact form below. 


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