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What Are Some of the Consequences of White Collar Crime?

Being accused of any crime is serious. But for working professionals, the consequences of a white collar criminal conviction can have consequences beyond that of a typical conviction.

White collar crimes are often tried as federal crimes, and the consequences, both personal and professional, can be severe. Read on to learn about some of the consequences of white collar crime. For help protecting your future, reach out to a Dallas White Collar Crime lawyer today.

Special Considerations for White Collar Crime Convictions

The punishments for white collar crime are serious. If you’ve been accused of a white collar crime in Texas or at the federal level, you need to take swift action to clear your name before conviction.

Some of the consequences of a white collar crime conviction include:

  • Incarceration – Misdemeanor white collar charges could land you with up to a year in jail; the penalties for felony charges are much higher.
  • Fines – For either felony or misdemeanor white collar offenses, you could get hit with fines, some ranging in the thousands of dollars.
  • Restitution – Different from a fine, restitution is a penalty the government seeks to strip you of money or assets you may have received as a result of the white collar crime proceedings.

Even after your sentence is done, you could be barred from working in certain industries just because of your criminal status. These consequences are serious enough for you to consider retaining the services of an attorney before it’s too late.

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