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Dallas Money Laundering Lawyer

Have you been charged with laundering money in Dallas, Texas? Contact a Dallas money laundering attorney at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. for help avoiding a conviction of this serious criminal offense.

Money laundering is the process of attempting to “clean” dirty money. Dirty money could be money that has been illegally obtained. The money is then transferred through bank accounts or legitimate businesses to create a paper trail that makes the money appear to have been obtained legally.

The crime of money laundering is one that the federal and state governments take seriously. If you are charged with this type of crime in Texas, you could be facing serious penalties if convicted. You could even spend a significant amount of time behind bars. Talk with a Dallas money laundering lawyer about your case right away.

Understanding the Crime of Money Laundering

In almost all serious types of organized criminal activity, some form of money laundering is likely taking place. Some common types of crimes where money laundering will occur are illegal gambling, drug trafficking, terrorism, fraud, arms trafficking, human trafficking, bribery, prostitution, and corruption.

For you to be convicted of the crime of money laundering, you need not have been involved in the underlying criminal activity or organization that produced the money. If you knew that the money you received was illegally obtained, you could still be charged with money laundering.

A Dallas criminal money laundering attorney can examine your case and let you know how serious the offense you’re being charged with is.

The Consequences of a Conviction of Laundering Money in Dallas

When you’ve been charged with money laundering in Texas, it’s imperative that you talk to a Dallas money laundering defense attorney right away. Your attorney can look into the charges against you and formulate the best defense possible. There are some defenses available with regard to money laundering.

For instance, if you had no knowledge that the money was obtained illegally, you could use that as a defense.

If you are convicted of a money laundering crime, you will likely face some jail or prison time. For example, the crime of laundering money in Texas is a state jail felony if the amount of money was less than $20,000. If the amount of money is over $200,000, you could face a felony of the first degree.

Connect with a Money Laundering Attorney in Dallas, Texas

In addition to serious jail or prison time, your life will be turned upside down if you’re convicted of a crime involving laundering money. You will have a felony on your criminal record for life. Now is the time to fight your charge, and you could possibly get the crime reduced or dismissed.

You shouldn’t sign a plea agreement with the prosecution, or talk to law enforcement, without talking to a Dallas money laundering lawyer at our office first. Reach out to Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. using the online contact form below or calling 214-665-6930. Begin building your defense against a money laundering conviction now.



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