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Can I Sue for a Construction Accident?

The aftermath of a construction accident can be difficult to handle. Between medical bills for your injuries, lost income while unable to work, and emotional complications, the uncertainty of knowing whether or not you can file a claim against your employer is stressful.

In reality, your ability to file a claim against your employer after an accident depends on workers compensation. Read on if you’re wondering whether you can sue for a construction accident and how a Dallas personal injury lawyer can help.

When You Can Sue After a Construction Accident

Many companies in the state of Texas utilize workers compensation insurance.

This system has both pros and cons for workers. On one hand, workers don’t have to prove negligence occurred in order to receive workers compensation. On the other hand, workers comp may not be enough to cover the costs of serious injuries, and it doesn’t account for non-economic damages.

Employers that use workers compensation insurance are generally shielded from civil liability suits from employees. So, the question isn’t really so much if you can sue for a construction accident, but who. 

For example, if your employer doesn’t carry workers compensation insurance, then you should be able to file a claim for your construction accident losses.

Even if your employer uses workers compensation, you may be able to sue negligent third-parties, such as contractors or equipment manufacturers.

Finally, if you are injured while passing by a construction site as a pedestrian—by a pallet of falling bricks, for example—you can sue all parties involved.

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