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Dallas Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Insurance fraud is a serious offense, and you could be facing severe legal penalties if convicted. Contact a Dallas insurance fraud attorney at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to see that your rights are protected and you receive the best defense available in your case.

Lying to an insurance company with the intent of receiving insurance benefits you aren’t entitled to is a crime. Insurance fraud is something that the state of Texas takes seriously. You can be prosecuted for insurance fraud, and you could go to jail or prison for this offense.

You will also face many other negative effects of a conviction. You could lose your job or have difficulty finding a job. You could ruin your financial future. Your family life will be affected. You could lose some of your rights.

A Dallas insurance fraud lawyer at our office can examine your case and find the defense that will work for you. You deserve the best defense available in your case. Avoiding a conviction can mean avoiding many of these negative effects.

Understanding the Crime of Insurance Fraud in Texas

Insurance fraud is a crime that encompasses an array of illegal deceptive behaviors. There are many different ways a person can attempt to defraud an insurance company, such as submitting false claims, intentionally causing damage to property, lying to insurance claims adjusters, and exaggerating injuries or damages.

These behaviors are done in an effort to get more money from the insurance company, and these behaviors are criminal. If you try to secure money from an insurance company that you aren’t entitled to, you are committing a criminal act. An example of insurance fraud is if you hire your friend to steal your car and crash it so that you can collect insurance money.

A Dallas insurance fraud lawyer can help protect you from insurance fraud charges. We can go to court to defend you or attempt to work out a better plea agreement for you. Every case is unique, and you should talk to a lawyer to learn what your options are in Dallas.

Defenses Your Dallas Insurance Theft Lawyer Could Utilize

Not every person accused of committing insurance fraud is guilty of this offense. In fact, insurers often allege that every claim is fraudulent because they want to scare people into not filing claims or into accepting lesser settlement offers. It’s a nasty tactic they sometimes use to decrease the value of insurance claims.

Whatever the case may be, your Dallas insurance theft attorney at our firm will fight to defend you.

Team Up with an Insurance Fraud Attorney in Dallas, TX

Attempting to deceive an insurance company is a serious offense. If you believe that you are being investigated for insurance fraud, or you’ve already been charged with this crime, you will likely want to contact a lawyer without delay. Your lawyer will answer your criminal defense questions and advise you on the best course of action.

A Dallas insurance fraud lawyer may be able to minimize the penalties you will face if convicted or could get a charge dropped. Reach out to Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to speak to an attorney about your case now. Call 214-665-6930, or send in the internet form below.



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