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Dallas Healthcare Fraud Lawyer

Have you been accused of committing healthcare fraud? Protect yourself by calling a Dallas healthcare fraud attorney with Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C.. Get started formulating a defense now.

There are many different forms of healthcare fraud, and penalties for this type of offense range greatly. Some penalties are civil, while others are criminal. If you believe that you’re going to be charged with healthcare fraud, you should act quickly to protect yourself from facing serious negative ramifications and legal penalties.

A Dallas healthcare fraud lawyer at our office can assist you in fighting a charge of healthcare fraud. They will closely examine your situation to find the best defense to use in your case. If you’re convicted of a healthcare fraud crime, you could go to prison.

Types of Healthcare Fraud in Dallas

Healthcare fraud is when a healthcare provider seeks to benefit by defrauding the government or insurance companies. For instance, making false claims is a serious criminal offense. Here’s an example of how a healthcare provider can commit healthcare fraud:

A patient goes to you, their healthcare provider, and reports pain in their ankle. You operate on the ankle even though you know that surgery isn’t unnecessary and that other noninvasive options are available. The reason you choose to operate is so that you can bill the insurance company for a higher rate than if you simply had referred the patient to physical therapy.

Here are a few more examples of healthcare fraud:

  • Forging signatures
  • Billing each step of a procedure as separate events
  • Tampering with a patient’s medical records
  • Waiving deductibles and/or co-pays
  • Fraudulent physician certifications
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Billing for services that haven’t been provided
  • Physician self-referrals
  • Billing for unnecessary surgery or procedures, as mentioned above

No matter what type of healthcare fraud you’ve been accused of committing, a Dallas false claims act attorney can work to help you fight your charge.

Defenses against Conviction of a Healthcare Fraud Offense

You could be charged with healthcare fraud even though you never intended to defraud anyone. For example, you might have made mistakes on medical forms that were not intentional. Your attorney can argue lack of intent to ideally get a charge dismissed or reduced.

Your attorney could also argue lack of knowledge if you didn’t know about a crime that was taking place in your medical office.

There are many defenses against a conviction of healthcare fraud, but you should talk to a Dallas false claims act lawyer to find out more.

Contact a Healthcare Fraud Attorney in Dallas, Texas

You have the right to be defended against a conviction of healthcare fraud. Many people accused of this crime are innocent of the crime they’re accused of committing. Get in touch with a Dallas white collar crime lawyer to discuss your case options, as you may be able to avoid a conviction or minimize the effects of a conviction.

A Dallas healthcare fraud lawyer with Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. can be reached via the online form below or by dialing 214-665-6930. It’s important to act quickly, as an attorney’s advice can greatly assist you in avoiding a conviction.



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