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Dallas Embezzlement Lawyer

Being charged with embezzlement is a terrifying position to be in. Fight against your embezzlement charge with help from a Dallas embezzlement attorney at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C..

Embezzlement is a serious offense that involves stealing from an employer. This crime is usually a felony offense in Texas, and depending on the amount of money stolen, you could be facing serious legal consequences if convicted.

Whether your charge involves using company money for personal expenses or actively diverting funds into your own bank account, you could go to prison for a long time. Your life will be negatively affected by such as serious crime on your record.

However, if you fight against your charge, it could be lowered to a less serious offense. A Dallas embezzlement lawyer at our firm can assist you in building your defense and potentially avoiding conviction.

What Is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a sort of catchall term that encompasses different methods of stealing from an employer. The method used to steal from an employer is not as important as the amount of money stolen. Your crime will increase in seriousness in correlation to the amount of money stolen.

Here are some of the ways people embezzle money from their employers:

  • Misuse or abuse of an expense account
  • Excessive business expense spending
  • Moving employer funds to a personal account
  • Paying your personal expenses using company funds
  • Stealing cash from the employer
  • Inputting false entries in business books to cover up inappropriate financial behavior

Your Dallas employer theft lawyer will look at your case to find the best way to defend you. Not everyone who is charged with a serious crime of embezzlement is guilty.

Can a Dallas Employer Theft Lawyer Help You?

If you are convicted of the crime of embezzlement, you will likely face serious legal consequences. Theft from an employer of more than $200,000 is a felony of the first degree, punished by between five and ninety-nine years in prison. Theft of between $100,000 and $200,000 in value is charged as a felony of the second degree, punished by between two and twenty years in prison.

In addition to these serious legal penalties, your life will likely be destroyed by a conviction. Theft charges are among the worst crimes to have on your record, because you will struggle to find a job for the rest of your life. Hiring a lawyer can help you, because they will fight to get your charges dropped or reduced.

Consult with an Embezzlement Attorney in Dallas, Texas

As you can see, embezzlement is taken seriously by state and federal law enforcement agencies. If you believe you’re being investigated for embezzlement or you’ve already been charged with a crime, you may need to contact a white collar crime lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can immediately begin advising you so that you can make better decisions that will help your case.

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