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Types of Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability refers to the duty-of-care that a property owner owes to visitors to their property. The applicable duty-of-care may depend on the status of the visitor to the property, but in general, this concept exists to keep visitors to both commercial residential properties safe.

When a property owner’s negligence causes your injuries, you may recover damages in a civil suit. Read on to learn more about the different types of premises liability cases and how a Dallas personal injury lawyer can help.

Examples of Premises Liability Cases

Any injury that occurs on a premises caused by or abetted by the property owner’s negligence could leave the property owner open to civil liability. Some common examples of these cases would be:

  • Dog Bites or Dog Attacks–When a dog attacks, the results can be devastating. Even though Texas abides by a version of the one-bite rule for dog-bite liability, it may still be possible to recover damages from the dog’s owner.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents–Unsupervised use of a swimming pool could lead to accidental drowning or lesser injuries. If your child drowned in a pool that wasn’t secured by an exterior fence—for example—the owner could be held liable for wrongful death damages.
  • Trampoline Accidents–Similar to swimming pool liability, the owners of a dangerous trampoline could be found responsible for either your or your loved one’s injuries.
  • Negligent Security Incidents–These cases, of special interest to renters, could be filed against property owners or landlords who fail to keep tenants safe from the risk of intruders to their properties.
  • Injuries Caused by Poorly Maintained Property–When rickety old stairs or worn-down handrails collapse, they cause devastating amounts of harm.

If you’re unsure whether your injuries would qualify for a personal injury claim, a premises liability lawyer can help.

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