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When Does an Oilfield Accident Qualify for a Personal Injury Claim?

Minor, major, and catastrophic injuries can be prevented when the proper safeguards are in place. It should not fall on you to incur the cost of recovery alone. Lost wages, costly medical bills, and injuries impairing your ability to return to work leave a lasting impact on your ability for you to care for yourself and your family. 

If you have suffered because of an oilfield accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

Most often, accidents happen due to the oversight of others. Violations of state-mandated safety measures and equipment standards cause hundreds of injuries annually in Texas alone. You are entitled to the compensation you deserve. Connect with one of our trusted lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. today to see if your claim qualifies.  

Common Types of Injuries from Dallas Oilfield Accidents

Physical injuries that occur as a direct result of an accident while working in an oilfield may qualify for financial compensation. The most common injuries resulting in the need for legal action include: 

The Texas Railroad Commission is the state agency that regulates the oil and gas industry. They issue permits and set strict regulations that are required to be followed by all oilfields. Violations of these regulations causing you injury are grounds to seek damages. Accidents may occur due to poor training, outdated and unmaintained equipment, and lack of supervision.

Costs Eligible for Repayment in a Personal Injury Suit

Suffering a life-altering injury due to the negligence of others impacts every aspect of your life, physical, emotional, and almost always monetary. Not all companies have workers compensation benefits as it is not required in Texas. Even if they do carry it, you may find they’re unwilling to settle or will only offer a fraction of what you need. 

Hiring a trusted lawyer is key in filing a suit to recuperate lost funds. Compensation can be applied towards the medical, pharmaceutical, and rehabilitation bills that workers comp did not cover. Lost wages both present and future, pain and suffering, and other costs related to both your injury and recovery qualify to be included in your personal injury claim.

Injured in an Oilfield Accident? Seek Answers About Your Claim

Oilfield work is a dangerous profession. Texas, due to its prevalence of oilfields, has the highest amount of injury and death from these accidents than any other state. As an oilfield worker you are exposed daily to chemicals, heavy machinery, intense weather, long hours, and staff turnover, increasing your risk of suffering a work-related injury.

You need a lawyer who is educated in Texas law and who will work to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve. Let the lawyers at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. investigate your case and hold those at fault accountable for your injuries. Contact our office by calling 214-665-6930 or by filling out our contact form to obtain your free consultation.


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