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Dallas Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Has your loved one been subjected to abuse in their nursing home facility? If so, get in touch with a reputable nursing home abuse lawyer in Dallas for help.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have the essential job of caring for our loved ones when they cannot care for themselves. These relationships require absolute trust. Sadly, far too many individuals and facilities let families down when nursing home abuse is brought to light.

If you have discovered abuse to your loved one, you can do something about it. Get help from an experienced Dallas nursing home abuse lawyer at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. and get started on your civil lawsuit against the liable party.

What Is Considered Nursing Home Abuse in Dallas?

Abuse is never acceptable, but when it occurs at the hands of those you trusted to care for your loved one, it can seem even more devastating. What’s worse, nursing home abuse can take many different forms.

While physical abuse such as hitting, kicking, punching, burning, or biting is the most commonly thought of type of abuse, there are others that happen with alarming frequency. Some different forms of nursing home abuse your loved one could be exposed to include:

There are certain signs that might appear when you first suspect your loved one is being abused. You might notice weight loss or gain, social isolation, substance abuse, mood swings, irritability, self-harm, and other out of character behaviors. Contact your nursing home abuse lawyer in Dallas to learn more about whether you have grounds for a claim.

Who Can Be Sued For Dallas Nursing Home Abuse?

Anyone who is responsible for your family member’s care could be partially responsible for the abuse your loved one endured. We’ll start by going after the abuser themselves. It is important we start at the source and ensure your loved one’s abuser is brought to justice.

But we also may have good cause to include other parties such as nursing staff, cleaning staff, supervisors, and even the nursing home facility itself. Each of these parties had an obligation to protect those in their care.

Failure to prevent, take notice, or put a stop to the abuse could mean they are as liable as the person who abused your relative. Your lawyer’s thorough investigation will determine which person or party should be named as defendants in your civil claim.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Dallas

If you have a loved one who has suffered from nursing home abuse and you want to help them get justice for what they’ve been through, reach out to a qualified Dallas nursing home abuse lawyer at Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. when you’re ready to schedule your free claim review you can call our office at 214-665-6930 or fill out the quick contact form we have provided at the bottom of this page.


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