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How Can a Dallas DWI Lawyer Help Me?

Many people who are faced with a DWI charge in Dallas believe there is no hope for avoiding a conviction. That’s simply not true because not everyone who is charged with a DWI is guilty of the charge. There are a number of ways a person can be wrongfully charged with a DWI.

For instance, someone could use your name in the commission of a DWI offense, which results in you being charged. You could have been charged with a DWI because a police officer thought you were driving drunk due to erratic driving, when something else really was going on.

If you’re facing a DWI charge, you might be wondering: How can a Dallas DWI lawyer help me?

Ways a Dallas Intoxicated Driving Attorney Can Help You

There are many ways a lawyer can help you. Here are a few examples of what a drunk driving attorney can do for you:

  • They could comb through your case to find the best defense possible. Whether you were pulled over illegally, the police violated your rights, you weren’t driving intoxicated, or there is another available defense, your attorney will work to find the best way to defend you.
  • They will offer you legal advice. Sometimes, those charged with a DWI need legal advice right away. Getting a lawyer’s advice early can often make a big difference in your case.
  • They can guide you through the criminal justice process. Facing a drunk driving charge can be scary, but part of the fear is due to not understanding what you’re up against. Your lawyer will walk you through the process, which includes what to expect during court hearings.
  • They might also be able to help you get out of jail. They could get you out early or work to get your charge minimized so you can avoid jail time.

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