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Things to Do in Dallas, Texas

It’s time to start planning your visit to the Lone Star State – and a trip to the bustling city of Dallas should definitely be on your itinerary. Don’t miss out on the most unforgettable experiences Dallas has to offer – because these ten must-do activities will make your visit to Big D one you’ll never forget. From trail rides, to museums, to baseball games, Dallas provides an array of options to keep you entertained. So, don your cowboy hat, snap on your boots, and get ready to delve into ten must-do experiences in Dallas, Texas!

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Dallas, Texas offers an array of attractions for visitors to enjoy. From exploring the museums of the Dallas Arts District to admire the animals at Trinity River Audubon Center there is something for everyone.

Visiting Iconic Sites in Downtown Dallas

No visit to Dallas is complete without checking out the sights and sounds of downtown! Perched high atop Reunion Tower, visitors can take in stunning views of the skyline and learn about the history of this great city. The Majestic Theatre is a must-see as it’s home to many special events, including free music performances. Meanwhile, the iconic John F. Kennedy Memorial stands as a reminder of one of America’s darkest days while serving as a monument to unity and hope.

For those who are looking to do some shopping, you don’t want to miss out on browsing around the historic West End Market Place. Featuring artisan crafts and clothing, this landmark spot has been in operation since the 1880s but recently closed. Finally, people should make a point to stop by Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and which today serves as a shrine for peace.

Dallas really has something for everyone! Stop by these downtown sites and explore this vibrant culture—and be sure not to miss what else the city has to offer. From the most popular sports team in town, to other attractions scattered all over Dallas, you won’t be disappointed!

Family-Friendly Activities in Dallas

Dallas is a great destination for families, with plenty of fun and affordable activities to keep everyone entertained. For an amazing interactive experience, visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science where you can explore 11 permanent exhibit halls filled with dinosaurs, gems, and native wildlife. The Dallas Zoo is also incredibly popular, featuring more than 2,000 species while offering educational programs like animal experiences and keeper chats.

From smaller attractions to world-renowned entertainment, Dallas has something to interest everyone in the family. Get ready for your next excursion downtown to uncover an array of delicious culinary experiences from around the globe!

Foodie Experiences Downtown

When it comes to foodie experiences in Dallas, look no further than downtown. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night dinner, grabbing a bite to eat with friends during lunch hour, or just taking the kids downtown for some fine dining, there’s an option for everyone. From classic Tex-Mex to tantalizing Texas BBQ and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your taste buds.

What if you don’t want to eat out? There are plenty of options for local bakers, farmers markets, and food trucks scattered throughout the streets. Debate the merits of eating locally versus ordering from a restaurant indoors and take your pick.

If you crave something exotic, downtown is home to several ethnic restaurants that offer their own unique flavors. Mediterranean, Thai and Vietnamese dishes line the streets and provide a welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. Dine in or order take out – it’s your call!

Calling all dessert enthusiasts: You haven’t experienced Dallas until you try one of its famous treats. Sample flavors from all around the world without ever having to leave the city limits. There are too many delicious desserts to list here; you’ll just have to come explore them yourself!

No matter where your tastebuds lead you, Dallas is sure to have something special waiting for you downtown. After all these wonderful foodie experiences, there’s more surprises left in this great city of ours: let’s take a look at favorite areas around town – our next must-do experience in Dallas awaits!

Visit Local Favorites Around the City

It’s time to explore the rest of Dallas beyond downtown, and there are plenty of local favorites to discover accordingly. Whether you’re looking for must-visit attractions or just hoping to hit as many hidden gems as possible, it’s worth a visit outside the city center to take it all in. Take a brisk stroll down the Katy Trail, a 3.5-mile long path used by runners, cyclists and joggers alike that runs through some of Dallas’ most charming neighborhoods. Or you can turn up your Texas outfit for an evening out at The Rustic, a unique bar and live music venue boasting some of the state’s best barbecue and country music.

If neither of those sound like your kind of vibe, then head over to White Rock Lake Park for a peaceful day out in nature. Don’t forget your camera—White Rock is well-known for its beautiful views of the Dallas skyline perfect for scenic snaps.

But if shopping is more your thing, take a trip to Highland Park Village for designer stores set among upscale boutiques and cozy cafes. No matter what your style or preference, it’s easy to find something special around Dallas beyond just the downtown hustle and bustle.

Once you’ve made the rounds around town, it’s time shift our focus from the here and now to history and culture in Dallas. If you’re ready to take on another side of this Lone Star city, head on over to our next section where we’ll be exploring the history and sightseeing opportunities across Dallas.

Essential Points to Remember

There is much more to explore in Dallas beyond downtown. Some of the popular attractions include The Katy Trail (3.5-mile long path), The Rustic (bar/live music venue with BBQ/country music), White Rock Lake Park (for a peaceful day out in nature) and Highland Park Village (Upscale boutiques/cafes). For those looking to explore the history and sightseeing opportunities, they should continue onto the next section.

History and Sightseeing in Dallas

Dallas has a long, proud history that is well worth exploring. From the city’s origins as a trading post to its location as a major traveler stop on the cattle drive trail of the Wild West, Dallas’ past is embedded in its present-day culture. To learn more about Dallas’ heritage, visitors can take a tour of Dallas Heritage Village, located near downtown. This living museum offers insight into the region’s culture and lifestyles from 1840-1910 and is an interesting way to connect with generations past while taking in stunning views of White Rock Lake.

Other must-see destinations when visiting Dallas include The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. This museum chronicles the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who was shot and killed in Dallas on November 22, 1963. For those interested in exploring further can take a guided tour or visit the exhibits for a self-guided tour of this part of history.

History buffs can also check out the historic sites located along State Highway Spur 366 through downtown near Old City Park and Dallas Heritage Village. Here you will find various historic landmarks like former churches, historic homes and other compelling reminders to walk through and explore during your visit.

From connecting with the past to exploring iconic Texas sites, there is no shortage of experiences to discover when visiting Dallas. These experiences provide insight into how Dallas shaped into the city it is today and how it continues to define and contribute to the Lone Star State’s identity. Now onto our next adventure – seeing some classic sights along Historic Route 66!

  • According to, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden welcomed an estimated 1 million visitors in 2019.
  • The Reunion Tower is one of the most visited landmarks in Dallas, with more than 1 million visitors each year.
  • The Perot Museum of Nature and Science attracted over 870,000 visitors in 2018 alone.

Museums to Enjoy in Dallas

Dallas holds plenty of amazing museum experiences to choose from. After exploring the sights along Historic Route 66, travelers have a great opportunity to learn more about Texas and its culture through the diverse range of museums available in the city.

For those with an interest in science and technology, a stop at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is in order. The museum’s permanent collection encompasses 11 themed halls spanning both natural history and cutting-edge science, while also featuring eight interactive science labs, plus five levels of dynamic exhibit space filled with creative play opportunities. Meanwhile, the nearby 6th Floor Museum offers insight into one of America’s most iconic moments – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which happened at Dealey Plaza directly below the museum. Visitors can view never-before-seen photos and artifacts from that day and get a closer look into one of United States’ dark moments.

History buffs must visit The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum located within Southern Methodist University’s campus. This interactive exhibit guides visitors through Bush’s life before becoming president all the way up to his post- presidency years, focusing on the public policies he implemented along the way.

Meanwhile, anyone looking for a glimpse into Dallas’ roots should head over to the African American Museum located in Fair Park. The museum stands as a fitting tribute to American black history and throughout its wide array of exhibits it tells stories about what it was like to be part of this truly pioneering generation of freedom fighters that helped shape our nation today.

Proponents argue that art museums are important elements to consider when visiting cities such as Dallas, because they offer an exciting opportunity to uncover lesser known aspects about culture and history through the lens of visual art. A museum experience especially tailored for impressive art collections would then add even more value to these trips, compelling travelers to explore aspects they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

On the other hand, opponents claim that art museums take away from time allocated to discovering meaningful places which have roots tied specifically with Dallas’ history; they argue that time could be dedicated instead towards something else more worthwhile or educational while continuing exploring Dallas’ origins at same time.

Frequently Asked Questions and Responses

What are the best restaurants to eat at in Dallas?

Dallas is known for its classic barbeque, steakhouses, and Tex-Mex fare.

If you want to get a taste of true Texas BBQ then head over to Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse or Pecan Lodge – both highly regarded as some of the best smokehouses in the country. For steaks, Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse is a must-try – they offer prime cuts of meat and an extensive wine list. For Tex-Mex, you can’t go wrong with El Fenix, a 101-year-old institution which serves up all your classic Tex-Mex favorites. For a broader array of Mexican cuisine, try Meso Maya Comida Y Copas or Tacos Mariachi.

For more upscale dining options, Fearing’s at the Ritz Carlton is the perfect place – they serve top notch American cuisine featuring seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and dairies. Likewise Boulevardier offers updated takes on classic French bistro dishes with an emphasis on farm fresh ingredients. Finally to experience Modern Seafood Cuisine with an emphasis on responsibly sourced seafood visit Town Hearth which features creative dishes such as crab toast with yuzu mayonnaise and grilled octopus with chili vinaigrette.

From BBQ to Steaks to Tex-Mex to French Bistro to Seafood, Dallas is full of amazing dining experiences that everyone needs to experience!

What cultural activities are popular in Dallas?

In Dallas, cultural activities abound – from museums and art galleries to theatrical performances and music venues. Arts and culture are deeply embedded in the city’s heritage, with iconic destinations like The Nasher Sculpture Center (home to an impressive collection of contemporary sculptures) and the Crow Collection of Asian Art providing stimulating spaces for visitors. From The Dallas Museum of Art and its rotating exhibits to theatre productions at Dallas Theater Center, there’s something for everyone. There are also numerous music venues featuring every genre from classical to indie rock and jazz, such as the historic Majestic Theatre or Granada Music Hall. For a unique cultural experience, visitors can explore the hipster charm of Deep Ellum or its buzzing nightlife scene. All in all, Dallas is sure to provide culture seekers with plenty of interesting stories to tell!

Are there any outdoor activities to take part in Dallas?

Yes! Dallas has an abundance of outdoor activities to take part in. From hiking and biking along the scenic Trinity River trails to taking a stroll around the beautiful White Rock Lake, there’s something for all nature-lovers. Other popular activities include kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding along the river, birdwatching at any of the several nature preserves and parks in the area, golfing at some of the cities amazing courses, or just simply enjoying a picnic in Klyde Warren Park. No matter your outdoor preference, Dallas has something to offer everyone!


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