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Dallas Sex Offender Lawyer

Being convicted of a sex offense can have enormous impact on your life. Get help from a Dallas sex offender attorney from Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to battle against this accusation and fight to restore your life.

Just being accused of a sex offense in Dallas can affect how others view you. In addition to the enormous social stigmatization the accusation can have, you will likely face other life effects if convicted. You could go to jail or prison, be forced to register as a sex offender, and have difficulty securing employment.

A conviction could also mean you won’t be permitted to live in certain areas, and you could be barred from certain types of employment for life. Your conviction could even mean you aren’t allowed to be around minor children. There’s no question that a sex crime conviction could destroy your life. Talk with a Dallas sex offender lawyer to learn about building your defense.

Types of Sex Crimes in Dallas, Texas

There are many different types of sex crimes, with some being taken more seriously than others. Depending on the circumstances of the crime of which you’ve been accused, you could be facing serious legal consequences. Some sex crime offenses will mean a lengthy prison term and/or lifetime probation.

For example, if you’re convicted of continuous child abuse, this crime could be charged as a felony of the first degree and could carry a penalty of between twenty-five and ninety-nine years in prison or life imprisonment.

Your Dallas sex crime lawyer will do everything they can to defend you and get you a better outcome for your case. Here are some of the types of sex crimes our firm defends clients against:

Possible Defenses Your Dallas Sex Crime Lawyer Could Use

When you call a Dallas sex offense attorney at our office, they will quickly advise you on the crucial steps you should take to protect your rights. The sooner you partner with a lawyer, the sooner they can take action to protect you. You deserve a fair defense, and your attorney at our firm will be there for you every step of the way.

Here are some common defenses against the conviction of a sex crime:

  • Not enough evidence to convict
  • Falsely accused
  • Victim was lying and is therefore not credible
  • Police violated your rights
  • Consent

Contact a Sex Offender Attorney in Dallas, Texas

It’s clear to see that a conviction of a sex crime in Texas will probably destroy your life. Now would be the time to take steps to protect yourself from conviction. A Dallas lawyer at our firm can look into your case to see what defenses are available. They will then do everything they can to see that you reach the most positive outcome possible.

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