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Dallas Sex Trafficking Lawyer

Being charged with sex trafficking or human trafficking is a serious situation to be faced with. You’re entitled to the best defense a Dallas sex trafficking attorney can give you.

Human trafficking is a real issue throughout America. People are kidnapped and forced against their will to perform labor and other tasks for human traffickers. Victims are often forced to perform sexual acts against their will. Many sexual trafficking victims are young children.

A charge of sexual trafficking is very serious, but the crime is broadly defined. Even those with minimal involvement with sex trafficking could be charged with this offense. Not everyone charged with sexual trafficking is guilty of the crime of which they’re accused.

If you’re facing sex trafficking charges, get in contact with a Dallas sex trafficking lawyer at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to discuss your case.

The Law on Sexual Trafficking in Texas

Anyone who is involved in sex trafficking in any way can be charged with sex trafficking in Texas. This includes the traffickers themselves, anyone who benefits from the trafficking, and anyone using the victims for labor, sexual gratification, or other purposes.

Here is a list of those behaviors that fall under the sex trafficking category:

  • Trafficking a victim
  • Recruiting a victim
  • Harboring a victim
  • Enticing a victim
  • Obtaining someone by other means

In many cases, those accused of sex trafficking can also be charged with other types of sex crimes, such as prostitution. Sex crimes are serious offenses, especially when children are involved. The penalties could be severe, so it’s best to talk with a Dallas sexual trafficking attorney about your case.

Defenses against a Charge of Sex Trafficking in Texas

Many people accused of sex trafficking are falsely accused of this serious crime. Sometimes, alleged victims consent to sexual behavior, which they later claim was nonconsensual. You could also have been involved in sex trafficking unwittingly. If you had a lack of knowledge about what was truly going on, your attorney could use that as a defense.

Even if there is a great deal of evidence against you, your Dallas sex trafficking lawyer might be able to show that you’re being overcharged. They may be able to get some of the charges dropped or get some of them reduced. This will greatly limit the penalties you will face. Penalties for sex trafficking are life changing and will most likely include prison time. Working with an attorney could make a huge difference for you.

Get in Contact with a Sexual Trafficking Attorney in Dallas, TX

Sex trafficking cases are complex, and they can be difficult for the prosecution to prove. There are defenses your attorney can use to get a charge of sex trafficking dropped or reduced. Your life could be negatively impacted forever if you’re convicted of sex trafficking or a related sex crime.

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