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Dallas Federal Drug Crime Lawyer

A drug charge is always going to be a scary prospect to be faced with, but being charged with a federal crime might be even more distressing for you. Contact a Dallas federal drug crime attorney to learn about possible defense options.

Federal drug crimes are almost always serious offenses, which could cause you to spend time in federal prison and face hefty fines. If you’ve been charged with a federal drug offense, you probably shouldn’t take this situation lightly. Drug crimes have a way of ruining your entire life, even after you’ve served your time.

You probably hope to receive the best outcome possible, but you likely can’t successfully defend yourself against these serious drug charges. Get in touch with a Dallas federal drug crime lawyer at Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. to begin building your defense. An attorney at our office will look into your case and do everything they can to create a winning defense strategy.

Types of Federal Drug Crimes and How They Could Affect Your Life

There are a number of different federal drug crimes. The circumstances of your case will dictate what type of crime you are charged with at the federal level. Here are some examples of federal drug crimes.

Your Dallas federal drug offense attorney will work to defend you against conviction of any of the above crimes. Your attorney understands how serious a criminal conviction can be. If convicted, you will face serious prison time, fines, job loss, loss of rights, and many other negative issues associated with your conviction.

How Your Dallas Federal Drug Charge Lawyer Might Be Able to Help

When your Dallas federal drug offense lawyer takes your case, they will go over every detail to determine the best way to defend you. They will then give everything they have to see that your outcome is improved. Sometimes that means a dismissal of all charges, and sometimes it means that the drug charges are greatly reduced.

No matter how dire your situation may feel, you’ll likely feel better with a lawyer standing beside you, battling for your future and your freedom.

Reach Out to a Federal Drug Crime Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Crimes at the federal level are almost always felonies, and felony convictions remain with you for life. You could lose some of your fundamental rights; you will be marked as a felon forever; you could struggle to secure employment; and, you and your family might suffer financially for the rest of your lives.

It can’t hurt you to talk with a Dallas federal drug crime lawyer about your case. You can learn what options are available. You might even be able to avoid a conviction entirely or have your charges significantly reduced. Contact Chris Lewis & Associates, P.C. via the internet contact form below or call our office at 214-665-6930.


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